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Statistics, the history

Opening is 1947

Red feather community chest campaign began in 1947 (Showa 22). We introduce the history more than 60.

The history of community chest

The history of community chest is the history of Japanese welfare measure. Through chronological table, we introduce step of community chest.

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Statistics data (donation)

The amount of accumulation results of community chest amounts to 852,300 million yen since it began. In addition, we introduce data which donation gives cooperation to by various methods according to the year.

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Statistics data (furtherance)

Community chest supports for tens of thousands of national community-based welfare business every year. Furtherance diverges into many branches mainly on community-based welfare business including the field of elderly person welfare and the field of child with a disability, person welfare, the field of child welfare, too. Here, we introduce the furtherance of community chest from statistics side.

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