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About community chest

One, one gentleness,
He/she simplifies town where you live in more.

Donation activity of red feather, It is activity to attract easy feelings of person of town.
Your gentleness your calling your action,
Surely it should become one step of the beginning changing town.
Is better; wait.

Meaning and the history of community chest

Citizen started red feather community chest as approach of the main constituent as private exercise in 1947 (Showa 22) just after postwar period.
As activity to support financially led by welfare institution which received blow of war as help of postwar reconstruction at first functioned.
It has been inflected for promotion of social work for "promotion of private social welfare" based on law called "the social work method" (it revises for the social welfare method in 2000) afterwards.
And, also, community chest pushes forward citizen-centered exercise for problem solution of various community-based welfare as exercise to send citizen's gentleness and consideration as structure supporting wrestling private sector while society greatly just changes in 70.
"Structure which makes own town better." that red feather community chest supports civic own action We do in this.

Business of the 70th anniversary of the community chest foundation

Structure of community chest

Approximately 70% of donations are used to make your town better.

When we thought that it was for somebody and raised funds, it was donation for town of oneself.
Donation that we collected together of town is spent for activity to make own town better.

It is structure which collects donations (contribution) after deciding the amount of furtherance.

Community chest determines use every area and sum to collect beforehand and is structure raising donation. It is easy to get civic understanding and cooperation and is doing by calling this "plan donation", and making "furtherance plan" clear. In addition, we establish eyes cheap sums per one household and can gather donations simply because there is "furtherance plan". Eyes cheap sum is just only indication in fact because contribution is freedom of one to contribute. (different in sum and method by area)

Donation that we collected in area is spent in area that we recruited.

Approximately 70% of donations that gathered are used in area that had donation. Remaining 30% are used for activity to solve broad-based problem more than municipalities where everybody lives in within the metropolis and districts.

Community chest is used for disaster.

In verge nosonaetoshite where large-scale disaster happened, community chest society of each metropolis and districts, we save a part of the amount of donation as "liability reserve such as disasters". When large-scale disaster was caused, this reserving is used to support stricken area including disaster volunteer activity support.

Way of being used of community chest

We report plain thought of own town to activity to make own town better.

We noticed that town which was kind to person was town which was kind to oneself.
We support so that various activities to make own town better get well more more.

Donation is spent for activity to support private community-based welfare.

The furtherance of community chest supports various private enterprise social welfare activities from expense of grass-roots volunteer activity including administration and translation into braille volunteer of elderly person salon to repair of maintenance, social welfare facilities of car of person with a disability work place.

We support approximately 70,000 a year community-based welfare activities that citizen takes.

There are many activities that are carried out by grant of community chest in small area.
We release application in town of everybody in WEB. Please check in database "hanetto".

We carry out decision of the furtherance (distribution) by civic participation.

In metropolis and districts community chest society, "distribution committee" deciding furtherance is set up by civic participation. Furtherance group and amount of money are decided by distribution Committee. In addition, we carry out examination by exhibition, and there is area deciding furtherance group recently.

Participation in community chest

We are doing activity that 2 million people collect gentleness in the whole country.

Town where own town to live in likes and therefore wants to continue living in all the time.
Structure supporting such a feeling is red feather.
Gentleness of many people supports community chest.

Person liking own town supports community chest.

Community chest campaign is supported by volunteer everybody said to be 2 million people a year.
In each places of the whole country, favorite donation exercise is developed by people concerned with residents' association, neighborhood association, public welfare, children's committee, company and school.

Development method of various donation activities

・"Door-to-door donation:" Volunteer everybody visits each local family and calls for the fund-raising.
・"Fund-raising on the streets:" We call for the fund-raising at place where street corner and people gather.
・"Corporation donation:" We visit company and ask for contribution.
・"Job area donation:" We ask for donation in the workplace toward the employee of company.
・"School donation:" We appeal to child, student for the fund-raising in school.
・"Event donation:" We plan event and call for the fund-raising.
In addition, we have cooperation of volunteer people by various methods.

We take inquiry about community chest of town of everybody to community chest society of each metropolis and districts.

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