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Poster, CM, red feather supporter

About community chest campaign, to have it be understood better

We make TV radio spot, poster to have you well understand community chest by inhabitants mainly on campaign season of red feather community chest carried out in the whole country and work for publicity work every year.

We have TV radio spot gets national commercial broadcasting, cooperation of the cable TV companies and broadcast, and, in offer of notice place of poster, the field of public information including cooperation as "red feather supporter" by celebrity, community chest is supported by volunteer.

Introduction of "red feather supporter" of the 70th anniversary of the community chest is this

2016 community chest campaign poster

Poster of 2016 locates person and building, facilities reflecting the image of furtherance business of community chest for illustration which overlooked town and designs state that "town is filled with furtherance business of community chest".
As for the body copy of poster, "red feather does small thing".
Community chest expresses distributing heart to problem not to be outstanding that is hard to be noticed in the world, and being active, warm activity that "does not overlook small thing".
You can see video in conjunction with poster of the 70th anniversary than the following.

Video of the 70th anniversary of the red feather is this

We liken the history of 70 of red feather community chest to the life of one grandmother and describe.
For the postwar confusion period, story begins since grandmother was child.
Time changes, and there is "annoyance" every times in town even if society becomes rich and tells about red feather community chest having been active to solve problem by length for more than two minutes 30 seconds.

Poster length type Poster side type
2016 community chest campaign poster length model
※We open with PDF file (0.78MB)
2016 community chest campaign poster side model
In those people, we want to support all people.

Big thing is outstanding. It is hard to be able to see small thing.
There is person who is in trouble, and the big things and small things do not matter now when support is necessary.
Well, because it is unchanged to be in trouble.
Red feather distributes heart to small thing that it is not taken up in news of TV and newspaper from this either and is active.

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