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To all of companies

We appreciate your sending interest to activity of red feather community chest society.
Red feather community chest is supported from personal store to global company by understanding of 300,000 whole country and cooperation and supports community-based welfare activity of 60,000 a year.

Style of support of company varies. "We make own town better contrive." contribution to society appropriate for your company, form of local contribution Would you think with a certain red feather community chest in this?

Company, CSR-related What's New / news release

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Public interest-related reliability of community chest society

It is "public facilities" placed as the social welfare method

More than 95% of nations are recognized
Community chest society was organized for postwar reconstruction in 1947. Thereafter citizen is known to more than 95% of nations as red feather donation as private exercise of host.
It prescribes for "the social welfare method"
"The social work method" was established in 1951, and "community chest" and "community chest party" were legislated. (renamed to "the social welfare method" in 2000. In law Chapter 10 Section 3 rule).
Ministry of Finance detects
"Designated donation"
Contribution to community chest society is object of preferential treatment in the taxation system. In the case of corporation contribution, contribution to "community chest" comes in particular by total amount loss of money inclusion as "designation donation" that Ministry of Finance recognizes. (one of a few groups targeted for designated donation).
We approve from the U.S. Government
American charity organization United Way Worldwide is cooperation to central community chest society and has contribution from overseas company, group. Central community chest society is approved as group where contribution is received without limit from the U.S. Government through United Way.
Agreement of a large number of companies
Community chest society takes much contribution from major company to sole proprietor every year from company of whole country approximately 300,000. We can say proof of "relief, trust" for community chest.

Structure which solves company X red feather = together social problem

Red feather community chest society collaborates with many companies by contribution program or employee participation program as partner solving social problem together.

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Central community chest society plan public relations department contribution to society promotion charge
Telephone 03-3581-3846 FAX 03-3581-5755

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