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To all of testation, inheritances thinking of contribution

Do you not leave feeling to the next generation?

Acceptance of contribution of property that, "oh, contribution of testation, inheritance was built calling himself Mizuki" by longtime effort again in central community chest society; give advice.
hanamizukino flower language: "Return favor" that "please receive my thought"

It inflects in field where we want to make use of feeling in

Property which we received makes use with responsibility for society in community chest society.

Devisor or donor, please let me use support of healthy upbringing of children for activity to field that had you appoint when there is contemplation to specific field.

Contribution to community chest society of property which we succeeded to is tax-free

When property succeeded by the deceased is contributed to community chest society, inheritance tax is not levied on contributed property.

You can contribute even to the goods

Property which you can contribute to central community chest society is not precocious only for cash. When you can contribute securities with the goods, we can make feeling form surely.

In addition, we accept contribution such as real estate, but may not accept depending on the situation.

"Oh, testation, brochure of contribution of inheritance, please utilize Mizuki"

"Oh, brochure of guidance makes Mizuki" about testation, contribution of inheritance in central community chest society.

"Oh, booklet which is useful for testation and inheritance engaged in person thinking about contribution, making of will provides Mizuki".

"Oh, Mizuki" is easy to greatly read letter by page 16, all colors including cover very much, too and is made.

Including one that received the inheritance for will, executor, testation becoming tax-free when inheritance is contributed explain clearly.

"Oh, fill in zip code, address, full name of the destination (attach on envelope at the time of sending), and person wanting Mizuki" apply for paper of around *15 centimeter of 10 centimeters with stamp for postage 205 yen at the following.

〒Person in charge of central community chest society hanamizuki in 100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki building

"Oh, downloading of Mizuki" from this

When he/she wants to know the details, please casually to central community chest society.
Telephone 03-3581-3846

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