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Information about Kumamoto earthquake is this in 2016

Do you not participate in red feather community chest campaign?

Donation volunteer supports community chest

Donation volunteer of community chest is approximately 2 million people in the whole country. Community chest campaign is managed by cooperation of many people. Contents having donation volunteers play an active part vary.

It has many people participate in community chest campaign, and it breeds heart of cooperation of each nation, and it is big wish of community chest we help each other, and to exercise.

Main cooperation group and groups having you participate in community chest campaign as donation volunteer are as follows.

Regional society

Residents' association, officer, women's society, young people's association, children's association, the Boy Scout of neighborhood association, JRC (Junior Red Cross) Lions Club, Rotary Club.

Field of education

Kindergarten, child, student, student, the staff of a school, person concerned with education.

The field of religion

Buddhism, Shinto, the Christianity person concerned.

Field of company

Store, company, labor union, the chamber of commerce, commercial and industrial meeting, business group.

Field of the welfare

Officer, local welfare officer of Japan National Council of Social Welfare, welfare committee, staff of facilities, member of golden age club, Japan Red Cross service group.

NPO, field of rebirth protection

NPO group, protection host, rebirth protection woman society.

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