"Hometown" where there is important person
"Hometown" where there is person who was taken care of
"Hometown" of your favorite heart

"Falling sapo" (red feather "hometown support donation"),
The metropolis and districts, municipality that wants to make use of your contribution
We choose and can raise funds.

 Red feather community chest is made use of to push forward community-based welfare activity required in the area every municipalities.

  • For voice toward dinner meeting society and the single life that the elderly gather for in depopulated area for activity.
  • For salon activity to prevent activity that mother during child care talks about trouble and uneasiness with in urban area with many generations in their prime and isolation of the elderly.
  • For training activity of activity to make local refuge map in area where disaster may happen and disaster volunteer.

 Application of red feather community chest varies by area.
 With "oldness that you remember," what kind of approach will you be made use for?
 "Structure which makes one's town better."
 Through "falling sapo of red feather," do you not support approach to solve problem of "hometown?"

◆When we want to choose from area to contribute

 We choose contribution and, every metropolis and districts, municipalities of the whole country, can have contribution. In addition, we can have you appoint application of contribution in the next field.

  • Because "close to age"
  • For "impaired person"
  • For "child"
  • For "volunteer, NPO"

 In addition, choice that we leave application to community chest society is possible.

◆When we choose among theme to solve local welfare problem (annoyance)

 In community chest society of each place, we decide theme to solve each local annoyance and call for the fund-raising.
 Next guide plans after December, 2017.