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Donation for community-based welfare activity

Community chest is carried out for every metropolis and districts. Except exceptions such as at the time of disasters, as for the donation that gathered, application is decided in the prefecture. In other words, it is donation made use of in area of everybody who contributed.

Community chest is supported for group moving into action to solve activity to solve social problem and various local problems.

A total of approximately 16 billion yen is supported every year by approximately 53,000 community-based welfare activities

In community chest society, we support donation sent to community chest for approximately 53,000 national community-based welfare activities and grass-roots volunteer activity support activity every year. The furtherance total sum rises than 16 billion yen every year.

Detailed furtherance statistics are this

Furtherance breakdown (unit: 1,000 yen) according to the field of community chest 2015

The field of furtherance The number The amount of results Constitution rate
(1) Business for overall inhabitants 16,776 6,855,513 42.8
(2) Business for elderly people 13,315 3,604,166 22.5
(3) Business for child with a disability, people 10,608 2,312,156 14.5
(4) Business for child, the young people 10,289 1,911,393 11.9
(5) Person with other annoyances※ 1,914 881,076 5.5
(6) Victims such as disasters 371 444,482 2.8
The total 53,273 16,008,886 100

※Person with other annoyances
"Life poverty household, person who is in a homeless state, DV victim"

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"Thank you message" from group which received the furtherance

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From group which received the furtherance of community chest and people who participated in activity, "thank you message" arrives.

"Thank you message" is this

Red feather database "hanetto"

We open hanettono site.

In community chest society, we introduce red feather database "hanetto" from 2002, and one one introduces application of community chest every municipalities of the whole country. Please see by all means how red feather donation is made use of in your area to live.

The furtherance to solve a variety of social problems

There are a variety of social problems in child abuse, domestic violence, school refusal, social isolation, area including suicide. In community chest society, we support activity to solve these social problems through the furtherance.

Contents of detailed support are this

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