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"Red feather welfare fund" that anyone supports support, supported community improvement

Social welfare corporation center community chest society

The second (2017) application was finished.

Application of the second (2017) "red feather welfare fund" furtherance was finished.

※About furtherance application time of "red feather welfare fund"
 We apply at the same time and accept every year (from January to February), and the "red feather welfare fund" furtherance will support after examination, furtherance decision in future in April.


The first (2016) furtherance business was decided

 About the first (2016) "red feather welfare fund" furtherance, we introduce examination comment from screening committee, the application situation, furtherance decision group. (October 7, 2016 publication)

◆Process until furtherance decision

 We raised the first (2016) "red feather welfare fund" furtherance from Monday, August 8, 2016 to Monday, September 5, 2016.
 We held screening committee on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 and examined about 231 cases (the application total sum: 961,740,000 yen) that had application and adopted the furtherance about 19. In addition, we held the governing board on Friday, September 23 and reported adoption item.
 At the fund administration secretariat, we assessed hearing and the amount of application to application group about matter pointed out in screening committee in total, and, as a result, as for the total of the amount of amount of application furtherance decision, it was 81,300,000 yen.

◆About examination, the application situation, furtherance decision business

 As for the details, please see the following document.

Summary of "red feather welfare fund"

◆We support approach aiming at solution to social problem

 With various life problems, people needing support increase now. Support to people in state of social isolation and life poverty, life support to dementia elderly person and child with a disability, person, prevention of child abuse are urgent problems and form platform depending including assisting by inhabitants with enhancement of public system and service between various business by volunteer, NPO group and local various groups, and activity that cooperated is expected.
 Depending on area, pioneer approach is pushed forward by private social welfare company or group, but support on fund side is necessary to plan continuation and expanse of activity.
 On the other hand, in late years company, group and personal contribution to society awareness that are going to affect social request increase.
 Therefore we founded center community chest society "red feather welfare fund" to take these contribution consciousness, and to bundle up on inviting community chest campaign 70 in central community chest society, and to tie support continuously again regionally.
 Central community chest society "red feather welfare fund" builds new activity and structure for solution to social problem by public system and service in field that cannot support and aims at community improvement that support anyone, and is supported.

◆We establish "governing board" "screening committee" and perform appropriate administration, examination

 "Red feather welfare fund" sets up study man of intelligence, the governing board by participation in planning of outside committee including the person concerned to perform administration of fund appropriately and sets up "screening committee" to examine adoption, amount of money of furtherance business.

◆We run by contribution of company, group and personal all of you

 While system is not intended for "red feather welfare fund", creation of correspondence to demanded needs, new social resources, correspondence beyond field that accorded with needs, nationwide wide area-like expanse clarify the actual situation of society problem through cooperation, collaboration business with prospective business, plural groups, related organizations and the furtherance to activities and run by contribution from company, group and personal having agreement sympathize with these business and activities.
 To "red feather welfare fund," I would like cooperation support of many of you to have.

※As for the contribution to "red feather welfare fund", special loss of money inclusion of donation is accepted as donation to receive as social welfare corporation (specific public interest increase corporation).

(red feather welfare fund contribution previous engagement seat)
 Mizuho Bank Toranomon Branch
 Ordinary deposit 4059202
 Account name social welfare corporation center community chest society

Inquiry about "red feather welfare fund" to this

 Social welfare corporation center community chest society
  The red feather welfare fund administration secretariat (charge: Kumagaya, Chiba, Oda)
   〒100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki building the fifth floor
    Telephone 03-3581-3846 FAX 03-3581-5755

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