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About support of 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

 By Kumamoto earthquake of April, 2016, serious damage occurred in Kumamoto prefecture, Oita.
 We give to all of you suffered from heartily.
 One and a half years passed from earthquake disaster, but we rose to 532,535,858 yen (as of the end of September, 2017), and, as for the contribution to "borasapo, Kyushu" that we supported to people suffered from, support along needs of stricken area that changed in thing that we supported to 228 active volunteer groups, NPO groups of victim support every moment was active so far.
 People more than 40,000 enter temporary housing and, at stricken area, are still forced to life as an evacuee.
 Support contents switch to life support from urgent relief to elderly people living in temporary housing, and, as for the support such as activities of prevention of continuous isolation to depend to watch, it is expected that we are necessary more and more in future now.
 In future continued cooperation for "borasapo, Kyushu" thank you for your cooperation.

Social welfare corporation center community chest society

"borasapo, Kyushu" (red feather "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation" Kyushu)
 ... that I would like cooperation to donation to support ... person supporting


 At stricken area, it becomes important to urgent support in future from the start to support various places suffered from by volunteer, NPO group entering support at activity and the whole country that stricken area inhabitants assist continuously for long term to rebuild life and community.
 By contribution (money of support) to have you put from of the whole country for the purpose of supporting activity that inhabitants assist in this way at stricken area, volunteer, NPO group supporting to various places suffered from again economically in central community chest society, we carry out "borasapo, Kyushu".

It is this in detail "borasapo, Kyushu"

We want to do "borasapo, Kyushu" contribution

We apply for "borasapo, Kyushu" (we receive the furtherance)
It is Monday for from Monday, December 11 to 25th during the fifth application reception desk period.

 ... which is ex gratia payment reported to ... one suffered from directly through the local government


 Contribution which had you approach to central community chest society sends the total amount to various places suffered from as promptly as possible through contribution distribution Committee of prefecture without having fees.
 As for reception desk, the remittance situation of contribution which we accepted in central community chest society, please see this.
 The 2016 Kumamoto earthquake contribution reception desk situation (PDF)

 "Contribution" is gathered by contribution distribution committee where the total amount that I took as gift of money to one suffered from by disaster in community chest society and the Japanese Red Cross Society, damaged metropolis and districts agency is installed in in each metropolis and districts and it is decided and, by contribution distribution committee, sends the amount of distribution to various places suffered from by municipalities administration depending on the damage situation.

It is this "contribution" in detail

We accept contribution to "contribution"

Disaster support system by "liability reserve such as disasters"
 ... that red feather community chest to have ... many of you cooperate supports stricken area

 In national metropolis and districts community chest society, we save a part of the red feather community chest for disaster and establish "disaster liability reserve" supporting system for administration of disaster volunteer center of stricken area at the time of disaster occurrence.
 "Liability reserve such as disasters" saved by red feather community chest having many of you cooperate supports disaster volunteer activity of Kumamoto earthquake stricken area every year in 2016.

It is this "liability reserve such as disasters" in detail

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