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About central community chest society

As for the basic information about main meeting, please see this.

The location

Social welfare corporation center community chest society (Central Community Chest of Japan)
Address 〒 100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki building the fifth floor
Telephone 03-3581-3846
FAX 03-3581-5755

The location

〒100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki building the fifth floor


Officer list

We include present situation survey, officer list (PDF)

The establishment

August, 1947 Social work community chest Central Committee started.
June, 1951 By social work enactment, the establishment of alliance society of community chest was prescribed by law Article 83.
May, 1952 We were authorized as social welfare corporation center community chest society.

Role and purpose

Social welfare corporation center community chest society performs nationwide plan of community chest motion to assume red feather symbol in coalition of 47 national metropolis and districts community chest society, enlightenment advertising, research, support of metropolis and districts community chest society.
In addition, we play a big role for promotion of private enterprise welfare work through the handling such as acceptance of donation utilized in the metropolis and districts more than utilized donation and 2 and adjustment or private enterprise furtherance fund, charitable trust by nationwide field of vision.
In central community chest society, we raise donations for the business administration mentioned above at any time. In addition, we accept donation by testation.

Main business outline of central community chest society
Examination of evaluation of community chest reform and new action plan
  • Examination of evaluation and organization functional enhancement of reform
  • Examination for review of the furtherance and reproduction of plan donation
  • Inflection of campaign season expansion and enforcement and the spread of reform model business
  • Promotion of furtherance theme common throughout the whole country
  • Area is new; assist and is carried out fund
  • Enforcement of year-end cooperation campaign
  • Holding of red feather whole country meeting
  • Enforcement of community chest statistics
  • Human resources training, upbringing to affect community chest duties
Development of improvement of corporate contribution program and new donation technique
  • Development, the spread of "new donation technique"
  • Approach case study of advanced donation
  • Enforcement of oldness and support donation
  • Full reinforcement of donation by the Internet
  • Making, the spread of products with donation
  • Acceptance reinforcement of testation and inheritance contribution
  • Corporate program development
  • Cooperation reinforcement with company, reclamation of new cooperation company
  • The making of platform of activity group and company
  • The training of fund razor
  • Enforcement of the fandoreijingu training
  • Information sharing, exchange of opinions with overseas donation group
Promotion of public information plan and development of publicity work by "new hanetto"
  • Promotion of public information plan
  • Collaboration model development with company, the media
  • Offer and joint ownership of information to person concerned with community chest
  • Making of public information material
  • Enforcement of central event
  • Promotion of public information cooperation by company
  • Promotion of publicity work for groups
  • Improvement of red feather database "hanetto" system
Reconstruction aid of stricken area and correspondence to future disaster
  • Administration of disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation
  • Administration of disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation 2
  • The furtherance by red feather charity white project
  • As for the disasters, it is examined liability reserve system
  • Enforcement of disaster cooperation donation (contribution)
  • Disaster volunteer activity support project meeting
  • Enforcement of earthquake disaster orphan support project of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Appropriate administration of corporation
  • Appropriate administration of corporation
  • Support to metropolis and districts community chest society and communication adjustment with related organizations
  • Enforcement such as thanks for community chest cooperator
  • Enforcement of the appropriate accounting
Enforcement, cooperation of private furtherance business and examination of juhaishayubiteikifukinto
  • Enforcement, cooperation of private furtherance business
  • Appropriate operation to affect preferential treatment system in the taxation system of donation

Social welfare corporation center community chest society articles of association

Social welfare corporation center community chest society articles of association (PDF)

Information disclosure official regulations

Information disclosure official regulations (PDF)

Annual report (manual report)

2015 annual report (PDF) 2.21MB

2014 annual report (PDF) 3.21MB

2013 annual report (PDF) 4.33MB

2012 annual report (PDF) 4.28MB

Business report

2015 business report (PDF)

2014 business report (PDF)

2013 business report (PDF)

2012 business report (PDF)

2011 business report (PDF)

Financial statements

2015 financial statements (PDF)

2014 financial statements (PDF)

2013 financial statements (PDF)

2012 financial statements (PDF)

2011 financial statements (PDF)

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