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Policy (privacy policy) about personal information protection

Social welfare corporation center community chest society tries for protection of personal information based on the following policies.

  1. Main meeting observes laws and ordinances concerned under the idea of personal personality respect and, in every business to carry out, deals with personal information carefully.
  2. Main meeting acquires personal information by legitimate and appropriate method.
  3. Main meeting uses personal information only within the purpose to propel donation and publicity work. We include next in this activity.
    • To send information such as receipt or activity report.
    • To ask for cooperation of donation activity by direct mail shipment, mail delivery.
    • To answer inquiry sent to main meeting.
  4. Main meeting does not provide personal information outside unless it is based on rules such as range that we stated clearly beforehand and laws and ordinances without with consent of the person beforehand.
  5. We take appropriate measures that main meeting keeps personal information at accurate state and leaks out, and to be lost, and to come, and to prevent loss.
  6. The person confirms that we have right to demand disclosure, correction, addition and deletion, suspension about personal information of self, and main meeting copes immediately when there is these proposal.
  7. When there was complaint about the handling of personal information, main meeting supports adequately and immediately.
  8. Main meeting lectures on appropriate regime to protect personal information and tries for consciousness enlightenment about personal information protection of member of post.
  9. We establish rule about the handling of personal information to carry out this policy, and we publicize this to member of this meeting post, and main meeting is thorough and carries out surely.

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Social welfare corporation center community chest society

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