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... during local annoyance (theme) and ... "falling sapo" (red feather, oldness and support donation) enforcement that you can contribute with a choice of municipality

 With "falling sapo," own oldness and favorite structure which can raise funds in net to wait are abbreviations of "red feather, hometown support donation". It is the only donation that chooses among all municipalities of the whole country, and can support local private caring.
 In addition, the feature is that we can contribute with a choice of local annoyance (theme) and we establish exclusive site until the end of March, 2017 and, as well as municipality, are accepting.
 We had you approve of, and "sapo which fell" was made use of for annoyance solution of each places of the whole country since start every year in 2009 by many people. Please support your important oldness this year in "falling sapo" of red feather.

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