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We extend "borasapo, Kyushu" furtherance object period until March 31, 2019

We received, and Kyushu (as follows "borasapo, Kyushu") ran notification of "specific earthquake disaster designation donation" targeting at activities until September 30, 2017 the red feather "disaster volunteer NPO activity support fund-raising" from Ministry of Finance.

Urgent rescue operation was converging except some areas, but utilized "temporary housing" completed in last November and private reduction of salary house; "consider, and life support activity in temporary housing" starts in earnest.
The need adds to enforcement of salon activity in the formation and revival of community, community revival before earthquake disaster, temporary housing by the damaged person concerned more and more while life in temporary housing is prolonged.

Therefore we report as we decided to extend furtherance object period until March 31, 2019, and to carry out furtherance business.

With the above, we publish the fourth "borasapo, Kyushu" application essential point in the beginning of June and start application receptionist in the middle of June. We announce detailed schedule on homepage as soon as it is decided.

Support for group to continue activity to company and personal all of you supporting thank you for your cooperation.

Financial institution: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tokyo government affairs department
Account number: Ordinary deposit 0162552
Account name: Money of social welfare corporation center community chest society borasapo Kyushu support

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