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We extend the deadline and are accepting! The eighth red feather whole country meeting "meeting making own town better" Thursday, July 13 - 14 Friday

The people concerned engaged in community chest campaign gather, and red feather whole country meeting shares about approach of each place and talks about role and possibility of future community chest and learns and holds for the purpose of connecting with practice after having come back to each area.
We feature the theme of pushing forward approach by cooperation with related organizations led by community chest society and Japan National Council of Social Welfare and hold to plan nationwide promotion of report and the promotion policy for realization of local symbiosis society in the eighth and national meeting of 2017 to be in community chest 70.

In new Kasumigaseki building of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, we invite various lecturers formation and perform this year for two days on Friday for from Thursday, July 13 to 14th.
Including whole country interested in various places of activity group which received the furtherance cooperation group, other book meetings as for the donations to community chest including person concerned with community chest, person concerned with Japan National Council of Social Welfare can participate widely. We look forward to participation of many of you.

[date] From Thursday, July 13, 2017 to 14th Friday
[venue] New Kasumigaseki building zenshakyonadabi hall and meeting room on the fifth floor
      3-3-2, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[participation capacity] 200 (plan)
[entrance fee] 6,000 yen (in the information exchange society separately 5,500 yen)

[program] (plan)
<the first day> Thursday, July 13
●Whole from 13:00 to 15:30 society
Lecture "we aim (provisionally) local symbiosis society"
 [lecturer] Ken Hongo (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare society, War Victims' Relief Bureau community-based welfare section life poor independence support general manager)

Basic tone lecture "(provisionally) for promotion of report and reproduction of kineticism in 70"
 [lecturer] Kayoko Uenotani (Doshisha University's professor) 

Panel discussion "possibility (provisionally) of community chest for realization of local symbiosis society"
 [person of going on the platform] Kayoko Uenotani (Doshisha University's professor)
      Emiko Nagasawa (1% of (one percentage) club secretariat's deputy manager)
      Orie Aoyama (Osaka, Kishiwada-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare community-based welfare section community-based welfare chief) others

●From 15:45 to 17:45 subcommittee ①③
Subcommittee ① "... social impact and kineticism ~ of community chest with the furtherance to do well in area"
 [main lecturer] Junko Chano (Director Managing Director Sasagawa peace foundation)
       Under Mika Nagai (Secretary General of association of Osaka volunteer) others adjustment
Subcommittee ② "geyo ~ happily wide by how to make community chest committees ... new participation which are vigor"
 [main lecturer] Hitoshi Wada (Shimane, Un-nan-shi community chest Committee project manager)
       Noriaki Koshiba (Toyama, Kurobe-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare General Administration Division corporate strategy chief)
       Under Matsushita green (the Hyogo community chest society director) others adjustment
Subcommittee ③ "theme type donation and ~ to learn from practice of community work - Kishiwada-shi"
 [main lecturer] heiiyogen (department of national Japan National Council of Social Welfare community-based welfare's deputy manager)
       Orie Aoyama (Osaka, Kishiwada-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare community-based welfare section community-based welfare chief)

●From 18:15 to 20:15 information exchange society (road according to entrance fee)

<the second day> Friday, July 14
●From 9:30 to 11:20 subcommittee ④⑥
Subcommittee ④ "susume ~ of community chest for community chest Meister - new appointments from today as for you"
 [main lecturer] Yoshifumi Tajiri (Japanese NPO center special appointment director)
       Taiei Takao (Fukui community chest society's chief)
Subcommittee ⑤ "millefeuille method ~ that relations with ... neighborhood association become delicious from public information to communication"
 [main lecturer] Momoko Koga (Director Representative Fukuoka NPO center)
       Hisako Hoshino (Gunma community chest society's chief)
       Koki Takayama (representative from Nukiito)
Subcommittee ⑥ "support urgent from community chest campaign and disaster prevention of disaster support - time of peace, process and kineticism ~ of reconstruction aid"
 [main lecturer] Under Ryo Kikuchi (Iwate, Kamaishi-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare community-based welfare section manager) others adjustment

●Whole from 11:40 to 12:30 society
"~ from keyword of each ... subcommittee for community chest campaign this year"

 Social welfare corporation center community chest society motion promotion part (charge: Oikawa, Aoyagi, Tanaka)
 Telephone 03-3581-3846/FAX 03-3581-5755
[holding essential point, application]
The eighth red feather whole country meeting holding essential point, guidance
The eighth red feather whole country meeting participation application (Word form)
※We extend the deadline of 6/26 and are accepting. (application is just available).
 As you close as soon as it becomes capacity, apply early!

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