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About application for original prepaid card reception desk with donation

In central community chest society, we produce "original prepaid card with red feather donation" as original goods which we can contribute casually.
We distribute in 1,000 yen or more because of one piece of prepaid card. 500 yen of those becomes available amount of money of prepaid card, and amount of money more than 500 yen is donation to community chest.

Of Sasaki Maki having play an active part as comic artist, picture book writer, illustrator as for the design of this year for many years describe, and is lowering. We convey brilliance of heart coming in contact with each other's hearts by heartwarming illustration like love of Sasaki Maki.

Kind of prepaid card is book card NEXT, two kinds of QUO CARD. As for the details such as application methods, please see the following page.

Original prepaid card with 2017 red feather donation

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