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For fraud being careful!

Please be careful about frauds using the names such as "central community chest society" "Tokyo community chest society".

To "person who contributed amount of money of around 3,000 yen to the following account as "baton of good will", existing gold realizes point of large amount" (for 100 million yen 48 million yen shares)
Information that we did this, and E-mail which guided transfer account of central community chest society or Tokyo community chest society reached or guidance was done in site of membership system was put.
Origin of transmission of E-mail seems to become the names such as "Instagram support center" "zennichihongienhiwazawaishakyokai".

As central community chest society and Tokyo community chest society are not connected with person named "Instagram support center" "zennichihongienhiwazawaishakyokai" at all, prevent you from never doing transfer. In addition, prevent determining and from transferring when similar guidance comes from different group.

Please consult with central community chest society of transfer or Tokyo community chest society by any chance when we transfer.
   When transfer to account of central community chest society; TEL03-3581-3846
   When transfer to account of Tokyo community chest society; TEL03-5292-3181

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