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About contribution from "federation of high school home clubs of the whole country"

"Federation of high school home clubs of the whole country" is organizations promoting home club activities of high school students of the whole country of the whole country. Is big to help each other than person concerned with federation of home clubs of the whole country the NHK end of the year; would have contribute, and the presentation ceremony was performed in central community chest society.

At the presentation ceremony, presidents of the student council, Asaka Nakamura of the whole country, vice-chairperson, Moe Yamane Kaori had you present list for Secretary General center community chest society, Yoichiro Abe on behalf of federation of high school home clubs of the whole country.

To federation of high school home clubs of the whole country, to help each other for many years at the NHK end of the year
We have contribution. We appreciate support that it continues heartily.

We utilize donation that I took for activity to support elderly person having problem in national life and children needing person with a disability, support.

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