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The 36th "charitable trust Takahashi preservation memory welfare promotion fund" furtherance offer

 In central community chest society, we are given a part of the property in trust than late Takahashi Hozo from 1981 and perform trust administration of "charitable trust Takahashi preservation memory welfare promotion fund".
 We support activity of social welfare group which stood in nationwide field of vision for the operation for the purpose of being enriched, and this fund recruits.

Group which is targeted for 1 furtherance
Social welfare group (having juridical person or not does not matter) which moves into action which stood in nationwide field of vision
Business that is targeted for 2 furtherance
Business that it is hard to accomplish even if it is targeted for the furtherance of subsidy of country and local public entity and other furtherance groups and receives business that summary does not do or assistance is object.
Business to carry out for inner (from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019) in 2018, and to be completed applies.
※This furtherance supports for activity made in nationwide field of vision, and local grass-root activities do not become a target of the furtherance.
Please consult with each metropolis and districts community chest society about regional activity.
3 furtherance total sum
  Less than 290,000 yen (1 group)
※I send application styles to group where gave inquiry to by mail or email.
In addition, remittance of grant becomes after the business completion concerned when decision is done after furtherance examination.

Please refer to the following PDF for the application details.

→The 36th "charitable trust Takahashi preservation memory welfare fund" furtherance offer essential point PDF

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