Red feather community chest

With red feather community chest

As for the community chest, citizen began in shortly after 1947 (Showa 22) after the war as private exercise of host.

Support was carried out around welfare facilities where we suffered from as help of postwar reconstruction at first and has been utilized for promotion of community-based welfare based on law (the current "social welfare method") afterwards.

In social change, community chest is worked on as "structure making own town better." which supports private sector working on problem solution of various community-based welfare to be able to live in peace in area where anyone lived so long.

Red feather community chest online kickoff event 2020

Kickoff event of Central Community Chest of Japan to community chest campaign start of October 1,
In usual, we carried out fund-raising on the streets by guests,
In 2020, we will assume on-line appeal as new coronavirus infectious disease measures.

When we arrived, from guests who had you usually come to venue, we had message for community chest exercise in this year.

Everybody who had message

Red feather supporter
Actress Hinako Sakurai/Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Kazuhisa Tamura

Settsu fine weather gate guard Tsurutaro Kataoka whom NHK Taiga Drama Series giraffe comes to

Grand Sumo Tournament July place fighting spirit prize Masayo Sekiwaki Seki/Shukun-sho sekiwake Mitake sea gate/shukunshosekiwakidaieikakeriseki

"ANA" cabin attendant ※We have you send the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Central Community Chest of Japan chairperson message to each place every year.

Central Community Chest of Japan chairperson Atsushi Seike


Community chest is made use of for local a variety of problem solutions.
You register in each metropolis and districts community chest society and can contribute contribution even to the Internet and smartphone, products, point with contribution.

Continuance is this

Grant Making

In community chest society, we accept the furtherance application from private group and welfare facilities.
In application of the furtherance, please confirm application essential point from the metropolis and districts community chest society homepage.

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