About red feather community chest campaign

With community chest campaign

Community chest campaign is carried out with the metropolis and districts as unit. Contribution that had you approach as community chest in each metropolis and districts is made use of for support in the same metropolis and districts at various caring and disasters to support children, elderly person, person with a disability.
It is performed simultaneously nationwide in six months until March 31 in the next year from October 1 during period of community chest campaign.

Structure of community chest

Community chest draws up the furtherance plan based on application of the furtherance from the local welfare groups and, based on the plan, sets the target needed by the furtherance business every year. In other words, it is "plan donation" to gather contribution after we set sum of application necessary for problem solution beforehand for each area.

The furtherance by donation includes the area furtherance to support activity in municipality and the wide area furtherance to support activity in wide area across the municipality and pioneer activity. By nationwide statistics, we put parts of the local furtherance and wide area furtherance together and are used in area where about 70% of donation that we raised had donation from. It is used detailed enotamenado at the time of activity and disaster in wide area across the municipality for remaining 30%.

Application of community chest

The furtherance of community chest supports various private community-based welfare activities from expense of grass-roots volunteer activity such as administration and translation into braille volunteer of elderly person salon to vehicle maintenance of cooperative workshop of person with a disability and repair of social welfare facilities.

About administration of community chest society

The metropolis and districts community chest society

As organization to promote community chest campaign, there is community chest society comprised of officer on behalf of various fields in the prefecture for each metropolis and districts. "Distribution committee" deciding the furtherance is set up by civic participation, and the furtherance group and amount of money are selected as the metropolis and districts community chest society.

Municipality community chest Committee

The metropolis and districts community chest society establishes community chest Committee in areas of municipality. In these community chest Committee, we carry out activities such as donation and public information, the local furtherance examination for each area. Company, neighborhood association, residents' association, local welfare officer, children's committee, a variety of people including local inhabitants participate as volunteer of donation and administration of community chest Committee.

Central Community Chest of Japan

It is the alliance society which is notification of 47 metropolis and districts community chest party adjustment engine.

About the social welfare method

Basic matter about community chest and community chest society is prescribed for the social welfare method.

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About preferential treatment in the taxation system

Community chest society becomes "group targeted for preferential treatment" for contribution in the same way as country and local public entity.

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About community chest campaign summary

We establish 14 matters becoming standard nationwide to promote community chest campaign concertedly.

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About community chest furtherance policy

We make the cause to supplement regulations about the furtherance in community chest campaign summary and set the furtherance policy that you should share.

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About thanks, commendation


Amount of money (personal/corporation, group) Type
200,000 yen or more/600,000 yen or more Central Community Chest of Japan chairperson letter of thanks
500,000 yen or more/1 million yen or more Central Community Chest of Japan chairperson thanks shield
/less than 5 million yen 1 million yen or more
It is less than 10 million yen 3 million yen or more
The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare letter of thanks

※When corporation, group performs contribution 10 million yen or more 5 million yen or more in individuals, there is prize system.
※In the metropolis and districts community chest society, we have individual honoring, commendation official regulations.


Eligible people Recommendation Person of commendation
  • Individual and group where have been made an effort for as donation volunteer for community chest campaign for many years
  • Community chest committee (supporting meeting chapter) which carried out an excellent activity
  • The staff who was engaged in duties of community chest for many years
The metropolis and districts community chest society Central Community Chest of Japan chairperson
Individual and group where were made an effort for for community chest campaign The metropolis and districts The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

※It commends for national social welfare meet.