Caring support whole country campaign (the second!) under red feather new model corona infection
We appoint the metropolis and districts and donate

We support support activity to keep alive itself! We will support ... person supporting

Contribution by the Internet donation

By the Internet, you can donate in the credit card settlement, convenience store, page.
※Please click the metropolis and districts of contribution from map. (contribution by the Internet will start from April 1, 2021.)

Akita Iwate
  Ishikawa   Yamagata Miyagi
Toyama Niigata Fukushima
  Fukui Gifu Nagano Gunma Tochigi Ibaraki
  Yamaguchi Shimane Tottori Hyogo Kyoto Shiga Yamanashi Saitama
Nagasaki Saga Fukuoka   Hiroshima Okayama Osaka Nara Mie Aichi Shizuoka Kanagawa Tokyo Chiba
Kumamoto Oita   Wakayama    
  Miyazaki   Ehime Kagawa  
Kochi Tokushima

Contribution by bank transfer

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tokyo government affairs department
Ordinary deposit account number 42262
Social welfare corporation (shakaifukushihojin) Central Community Chest of Japan (chuokyodobokinkai) in the name of account

※Contribution becomes a target of kind treatment of income tax, corporation tax as contribution for the specific public interest increase corporation.
※When receipt is needed when the metropolis and districts of contribution are appointed, you have you fill in the requirements on "contribution application", and please send to person in charge by FAX, E-mail.
※It is the situation having a large number of contribution and inquiry now. Therefore, we apologize for having considerable period until issuance of receipt beforehand.

FAX destination: 03-3581-5755/Email:

Contribution application is this

Contribution with stockholder complimentary ticket

Red feather stock A support club

"Red feather stock A support club" realizes stockholder complimentary ticket which individual or corporation holds and evaluates and is site that can have you donate the total amount.
We can have you choose contribution (the metropolis and districts community chest society) and purpose (you entrust you for community chest and support coronavirus measures for child for impaired person for the elderly for volunteer, NPO) by a certain stockholder complimentary ticket at hand and donate.

Contribution with stockholder complimentary ticket is this