Caring support whole country campaign (the second!) under red feather new model corona infection
We support support activity to keep alive itself!
We will support ... person supporting

In the community chest society, we started "supporting eyo kinkyushienkatsudojonarijigyo in child and families closing temporarily" quickly from March of the year while social anxiety by expansion of new corona infectious disease increased in 2020 and were developed by the furtherance such as emergency support to people who lost place to stay in support of enforcement, child and family, food bank activity, various forms by "caring support whole country campaign under red feather new model corona infection" from May.

The furtherance by this national campaign is made use of for support activity in the furtherance groups of all over the country of the whole country, and the furtherance that we continued in future is required.
We support activity for problem that it may be said even if we are related to support and lives such as the whole country which is poor for life that increased with prolongation of influence of infectious disease under the theme of "supporting support activity to keep alive" itself as "caring support whole country campaign (the second) under new corona infection" in community chest society directly in 2021.

In companies of the whole country, personal, we would appreciate your cooperation of contribution to support much support activities with many various places, one alone.

* Each contribution reception desk period metropolis and districts community chest society: Plan June, 2021, Central Community Chest of Japan: We plan September, 2021
※We may extend reception desk period by the donation situation, activities.

 ※Paper of "we ask of, donating" when we click opens.

We introduce the furtherance business of the caring support whole country campaign first under red feather new model corona infection in the following site.

Contribution by the Internet donation

By the Internet, you can donate in the credit card settlement, convenience store, page.

Contribution is this

Metropolis and districts-designated contribution is this

Contribution (Transfer Account) by bank transfer

・Bank name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, branch name: Tokyo government affairs department
・Account number: Ordinary deposit 177631 ※When seven digits are necessary, please wear number 0 in the beginning.
・Account name: Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan, furigana: Fuku) chiyuuokiyodobokinkai
<Transfer from overseas>
・English Account Name: Central Community Chest of Japan
・Branch Code: 096, Branch Name: Tokyo Koumubu
・Account No.: Saving 0177631


※Contribution becomes a target of kind treatment of income tax, corporation tax as contribution for the specific public interest increase corporation.
※When receipt is needed, you have you fill in the requirements on "contribution application", and please send by FAX, E-mail.

FAX destination: 03-3581-5755/Email:

Contribution application is this

Various contribution methods

Yahoo! net donation is this ※You can donate even to T point.

SBI point donation is this 

About application (the furtherance)
We plan the furtherance to the following activity to be connected directly with life of people.

Support of private consultation activity

  • We support consultation activity carried out in social isolation and life poverty, private enterprise including trouble of suicide.

Support of life support activity to affect meal or the residence

  • We support activities such as the making of places to stay such as the residence support to people who are in trouble in support (meal support such as child restaurant and local restaurant, food bank) and house to person having trouble with meal, prevention of isolation or DV shelter.
◆About the taxation system kind treatment of this campaign donation
As for the donation to community chest society, corporation, individual become a target of preferential treatment in the taxation system together. The taxation system kind treatment to become application varies according to types of donation.
In the case of contribution to this campaign, it is as follows. ※In the case of tax report, receipt of published by community chest society is necessary.
Corporation tax: As contribution to social welfare corporation which is "the specific public interest increase corporation" of "especially loss of money inclusion" become a target, from general donation
                 Loss of money inclusion limit limit increases (Corporate Tax Law Article 37)
                 We fight against loss of money inclusion limit = (*6.25% of capital *0.375% + income amounts of money) X 0.5 or the specific public interest increase corporation especially
                 Amount of money in net totals of donation with a little either.
                 We include thing beyond limit in general contribution amount of money. For more details, ask tax offices.
                 Reference: National Tax Agency homepage
Personal income tax: We can choose either of "deductions from income" or "tax credit".
                (income tax law Article 78 Paragraph 2 or 18 3 Paragraph 1 of Special Taxation Measures Law Article 41)
       In the case of "tax credit", *40% of (amount of contribution -2,000 yen) is returned in particular (there is ※ upper limit).
                 When we donate example) 10,000 yen → 3,200 yen returns. 
       For more details, ask tax offices at the time of final income tax return

Company, group, personal all of you who had contribution support

Company, group, individuals who received contribution support from "caring support whole country campaign donation under red feather new model corona infection" (the second) are as follows.
We offer my gratitude deeply and utilize contribution that we had as fund to support in various groups and groups which support, and work

・Daiwa Securities group (jeans day charity donation)

・Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
・TAMURA Corporation
Dwango Co., Ltd.

(the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation)

Company, all of the groups (the order of the kana syllabary, honorific title abbreviation) who received contribution support from the campaign (the first)

・The making of Aichi health promotion corporation
Arc System Works
・Ass eight advisory
・Hiba arborvitae cram school
Azbil Corporation
azbil mitsubachi club
・Azbil labor union
・Azbil Sanmu foundation
・Izumi product
Izumi life designers
・WILL Co., Ltd. agency
uchitaka (Hanayue (Hana Hue))
・SMBC group coronavirus measures support contribution program
・au oneself bank
・Edwards life science
・OSAKA GAS light club
・OKAYA & CO., Ltd.
Cardinal Health Inc. (Cardinal health)
Keiyo Co., Ltd.
Non profit organization kokorosagara sakugyosho
Rhinoceros com
・Citrix Systems Japan K. K.(shitorikkusu systems Japan)
・SynaBiz (as junijuni sponsored by TOKYOGAS, Otameshi donation)
・Japan golf tour player society
JCU Corporation
・Small scale multifunctional home unpleasant margin
・Nobukazu synthetic resin
Sumitomo Life Information Systems
Sumitomo Life Insurance Co.
・Consumers' cooperative co-op mirai
・Association of national industrial resources circulation society youth group meeting Kinki block
・Social welfare corporation Taito-ku Japan National Council of Social Welfare
・Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
・Zurich insurance company limited (Zurich insurance company)
・dejisato Japan combination company
・Deloitte Tohmatsu group
Company dental fitting 
・Toyo Logistics Co., Ltd.
・The top lander
・Nissan car worker long meeting (meeting of NISSAN MOTOR director)
・Japanese Eli Lilly
Japan Racing Association (JRA)
House of next one International, Inc. with Mama
・Barclays securities (Barclays Securities Japan Limited)
Panasonic Corporation
BHP Japan
/The Pitney Bowes Foundation Inc.
FamilyMart Co., Ltd.
・Fushimi warehouse
Insurance design
BOOKOFF CORPORATION Ltd. (with feeling.)
Hoyu Co., Ltd.
・Hokuriku District Takashi Jodo society
Mazda Motor Corporation
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc.
・MITSUI & CO. volunteer
・Mitsubishi Corporation
・Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley securities
・Minoh freedom school Junior High School
Medicare life insurance
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Yokohama FC (Yokohama furiesupotsukurabu)
Rakuten Inc.
LIXIL biba
・Wakayama school consumers' cooperative
・Watanabe Entertainment "self-restraint room of # Shison" project

Personal all of you (the order of the kana syllabary) who received contribution from the campaign (the first)

・Yuki Ito
・Hidenori Inoue
・Yusuke Karasawa
・Kuge way
・Kengo Shimazu
・Katsuyoshi Tagashira
・Keiko Masaki

※About company, group, individuals that exhibition was not hoped for, we refrained from publications of the name.
◆Company, group, individuals who had contribution support from "supporting eyo emergency donation are this in temporariness closed child and families" red feather