About Central Community Chest of Japan

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The location

Social Welfare Corporation Central Community Chest of Japan
Address 〒 100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki the fifth floor of the building
Telephone 03-3581-3846
FAX 03-3581-5755


Officer list

Title Full name
Advisor Juro Saito
Chairperson Atsushi Seike
Vice-chairperson Kenichi Furuichi
Vice-chairperson Kimio Arai
Vice-chairperson Masayuki Okubo
Managing director director Atsuo Shibuya

Director, inspector, audit roster (PDF)
As of October 23, 2020
Term: At the time of appointed hour caput end to enter the Reiwa 2 fiscal year from June 24, 2019 (June 18, 2021 plan)

Councilor list (PDF)
As of January 30, 2021
Term: At the time of appointed hour caput end to enter the Reiwa 2 fiscal year from April 1, 2017 (June 18, 2021 plan)


August, 1947 Social work community chest Central Committee started.
June, 1951 By social work enactment, establishment of the alliance society of community chest was prescribed by law Article 83.
May, 1952 We were authorized as social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan.

Role and purpose

Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan performs nationwide plan of community chest campaign to assume red feather symbol in coalition of 47 national metropolis and districts community chest society, enlightenment advertising, research, support of the metropolis and districts community chest society.
In addition, we play a big role for promotion of private enterprise welfare work through the handling such as acceptance of donation utilized in the utilized donation and 2 or more metropolis and districts and adjustment or private enterprise furtherance fund, charitable trust by nationwide field of vision.
In Central Community Chest of Japan, we raise donations for the business administration mentioned above at any time. In addition, we accept donation by testation.

Main business outline of Central Community Chest of Japan

  1. Aiming at creation of "new cooperation" by participation and collaboration, we promote community chest reform.
    With community chest campaign having reached the 70th anniversary in 2017, report "reproduction of kineticism in creation - community chest of "new cooperation" by participation and collaboration" was devised in February, 2016 for 70 years. We decide to perform realization of ① organizational reform, the appropriate furtherance plan and evaluation setting based on ② needs, review of the way of ③ donation, review of the way of the ④ furtherance by report and develop approach for community chest society oneself to revolutionize based on this report.
  2. We promote exercise by national cooperation that fund circulates through in area.
    As part of community chest reform, conventional in all metropolis and districts in community chest campaign season than 2016; decided to add from October through December, and to increase from January through March. In this extended period, donation activity for the class of new donors including donation that set theme for local problem solution is developed in kakutodofukenkyobo. In Central Community Chest of Japan, we perform review of community chest campaign being aware of such a kineticism and support for activation.
  3. Expecting the 70th anniversary, we activate publicity work more.
    With the 70th anniversary, we look back on past role that community chest served as between and we accuse the way of function and support to aim at at the nation widely and will push forward publicity work to deepen understanding in future. In addition, for person concerned with community chest and donor, we perform common knowledge utilizing a variety of public information mediums and push forward approach connecting with awakening of exercise that citizen was made up mainly of.
  4. We strengthen support of contribution to society activity of company and pressure to personal donor.
    We provide opportunity of necessary information and contribution for company and donor appropriately at good time while contribution such as contribution to society of company or testation by individual spreads nationwide and strengthen approach to connect with community chest and other contribution. In addition, we build contribution strategy such as pushing forward brand reinforcement of red feather by construction with national-scale company of relationships and perform acceptance of contribution along request, needs of company and donor and the furtherance in cooperation with kakutodofukenkyoboto.
  5. At disaster, we develop stricken area support activity.
    In late years, at the time of natural disaster occurrence such as earthquakes to be frequent in each place, we perform support to disaster volunteer center by liability reserve such as disasters, support such as appeals of contribution in cooperation with kakutodofukenkyobo. In addition, as support to victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake that is still reviving and support to Kumamoto earthquake stricken area that occurred in April, 2016, we carry out the furtherance by "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation".
  6. Through "red feather welfare fund", we widen approach to solve local problem in interval of system nationwide.
    In 2016, Central Community Chest of Japan founded "red feather welfare fund" that we supported for groups which performed approach to solve local problem in interval of system. It is broad-based to bundle up thought to company and personal contribution to society through this fund, and to solve a variety of problems in area, problem of interval of system and we stand in field of vision nationwide continuously and support nationwide approach and model of other areas and pioneer approach that it is.

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