Community Chest is helping solve problems faced by our society.

2016 Donations Grants Operational Costs
18.1 yen billion 15.8 yen billion 2.3 yen billion

Below are examples of our support of the community in 2016 through red feather campaign:

  Theme Activities Supported organizations Supported people Total grant
Prevention of bullying Hotlines, PR, education activities 150 825,456 4.9 yen million
Prevention of child abuse Seminars, support for orphanages 662 290,411 210.7 yen million
Support for homeless people Provision of food, emergency response to low-income households 79 32,598 1.85 yen million
Prevention of suicides Hotline, meetings for bereaved families 62 681,195 2.8 yen million
Support for crime victims Training for supporters/consultants, brochures for victims 17 762,170 1.35 yen million
Support for truant children Free schools, support for parents' meetings 80 15,011 1.5 yen million
Prevention of DV, victims support Shelters, self-reliance/employment support activities 44 7,199 2.1 yen million
Support for disaster victims, disaster prevention Support for earthquake evacuees, food distribution training 1,865 3,864,500 611.8 yen million
Support for needy people Foodbank, educational support for children 1,757 761,629 1.1 yen billion


Besides nationwide Red Feather Community Chest activities, the CCCJ operates the two funds below:

Community Impact Fund

  • Support NPOs and associations that tackle nationwide social issues

Volsup Kyushu Fund

  • Supports volunteers and NPOs working for the victims of the Great Kumamoto Earthquakes of April 2016

Red Feather Community Chest

  • Various welfare activities in the community
  • General assignment to areas in need (e.g. children, handicapped, aged)