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Red feather community chest

Community Impact Fund

By activity to solve various society problems that cannot support by existing system and service, we support pioneer model-like approach with nationwide ripple effect.

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For children's learning

Many schools and children of the whole country cooperate with "Red Feather community chest", too.

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NHK Year-End Donation Campaign

NHK Year-End Donation Campaign is "cooperation" performing in December activity by Central Community Chest of Japan, NHK, the cosponsorship of NHK public welfare culture corporation every year. We call for contribution through broadcast of NHK, and community chest society makes use of donation that had you approach for impaired various places and activity of elderly person to need support in the country.

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Year-End Mutual Support

Local welfare officer, children's committee or Japan National Council of Social Welfare play a key role, and Year-End Mutual Support is exercise that the municipalities are performed to unit in the whole country. We plan wide understanding and participation in town planning of the welfare that can live in peace without anyone standing alone at year-end time to reach new age. Donation that had you approach makes use for various caring so that people who watch, and need support including visit while we distribute dishes for New Year holidays can invite the New Year in peace.

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Disaster, stricken area support

When disaster occurred in the country, in community chest society, we work on various support activities.

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The taxation system kind treatment of donation

As for the contribution to community chest society, corporation, individual become a target of preferential treatment in the taxation system together.

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