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Introduction of issuance book

We issue various books about community chest by Central Community Chest of Japan. When the purchase is hoped for, apply by the following.
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Red feather community chest campaign 20 years historical sketch from 1997 to 2016

As part of business of the 70th anniversary of the community chest campaign foundation, we gathered up social welfare measure and system after "the community chest campaign 50 years history" of 20 years, step of community chest exercise in conjunction with social movement.
(A4 version 153 pages March, 2020 issuance)

20 years historical sketch PDF data (6MB)

"Reproduction ... of kineticism in creation - community chest of "new cooperation" by discussion with participation

We compiled promotion policy based on report, staff of community chest society action principle as booklet for report and 70 years for 70 years.
(141 pages of A4 versions body 300 yen July, 2016 issuance)

Report PDF data (6MB)

Central Community Chest of Japan 2015 annual report

We introduce main business outline by Central Community Chest of Japan of 2015.
(A4 version 24 pages October, 2016 issuance)

New development handbook of community chest to propel community-based welfare

Based on result of "reform model business for development of new donation technique" (fund raising) that Central Community Chest of Japan carried out from 2012, we suggest development of new community chest to be connected to solution to local problem.
(A4 version 27 pages April, 2015 issuance)

Report PDF data (1.25MB)

Disaster support of red feather in the Great East Japan Earthquake

We introduce the general condition of victim support by community chest society.
(A5 version 23 pages February, 2012 issuance)

Report PDF data

※There is not stock of report.

"Structure which makes society better"

We show research result of approach technique of fund raising in area.
(A4 version 54 pages March, 2011 issuance)

Report PDF data

※There is not stock of report.

Model business reports such as new donation organization creation, donation technique development

We show inspection result about models business such as new donation technique development.
(A4 version 55 pages March, 2011 issuance)


※There is not stock of report.

Human resources training training policy in local fund

We show approach technique of local fund aiming at cooperation with a variety of organizations, groups in the future.
(A4 version 15 pages March, 2011 issuance)

Report PDF data

※There is not stock of report.

Switch to community chest to support citizen making area

We show the way of new community chest that matched today's social conditions with community chest foundation 60 years.
(65 pages of A4 versions body 130 yen May, 2007 issuance)


For creation of new "culture of contribution"

Way Committee report of community chest to reach the 21st century
We show basic policy of community chest campaign that can meet society of the 21st century.
(35 pages of A4 seals body 210 yen March, 1996 issuance)


Community chest annual report 29

Trace of community chest campaign from 2000 through 2002 for 3 years. We publish community chest chronological table and donation, distribution statistics material.
(194 pages of A4 seals body 2,100 yen January, 2004 issuance)

History of red feather 20 years recreation

We describe movement of the early period of community chest campaign of the Showa era from 22 through 41 in detail while being based on the welfare situation at the time.
(436 pages of A5 seals body 1,500 yen October, 1989 issuance)

Community chest reform model support project report

"Models business such as new donation organization creation by participation in planning of a variety of organizations, human resources, donation technique development" report which we carried out by subsidy of "social welfare promotion costs" in 2009 of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
(A4 seal 60 pages postage actual expenses March, 2010 issuance)

Report PDF data

※Please be careful in reading in one of (6.9MB) that size has a big.
※There is not stock of report.