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Eliminate feather that red is red; kids club

Seven "wonders" are in "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red". Does everybody know intellect how many?
Here, everybody tells omoi omotteirukotoo religion about "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" saying "it is why".

Why is it "feather that red is red at bottom?"
Mysterious ... of ... "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" seven

The red one why red 1 feather of "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" jumping

"Eliminate feather that red is red" courage yuukito excellent; is because is symbol of good line act.

So that jump, and touched decoration to head heads, but feather sleeps American indigenous people senjuminzokuha, feather of various color colors; is meaning imigaarimashita by color color. Courage yuukinoaru line act excellent; say that person people who did good thing touched "red red feather at bottom", and is broken.

How long did 2 "red red feather community chest hanekyodobokin" begin at the beginning?

"Feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" of Japanese Japan does not sleep now now in previous nenijomaeno 1947 more than 70 years; have begun to resemble.

"Red red feather community chest hanekyodobokin" of assistant cooperation began while pain suffered many person people in Pacific War taiheiyosensogaowatte, fried desperation field field. Do not seem to fight first first;, for house ieya family kazokuoushinatta child children, is contribution kifuga yakuritsu yakudateraremashita. Collections of life result that anyone felt uncomfortable at pain and 500 million yen okuenokoeru contribution kifuga gathered.

Is money of 3 "red red feather community chest hanekyodobokin" that it is used shi for what kind of thing as for serving?

We do story of old person old person spending living one alone and it is, and people people who are worth carrying sho help hand biography which is about to come over and are used shi for partner partner for hitsuyona person people needing assistant help in town-cho which I we finish.

Living living old person old person is meeting bubble one alone even if nichiju becomes dull all day; is, and may spend. It is trouble trouble that person from hitsuyona person and eyes meno inconvenience inconvenient people people needing car car chair are about to come over to bai worth thing thing. People people that place to spend sudden disaster saigaide living suddenly disappears are with disaster saigaigahimpanni ki is angry Japanese Japan. "Feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" for hitsuyotoshiteiru person people in I us necessary in town-cho to live in by assistant help in activity and volunteer group groups to have done what to red; by handing red feather community chest hanekyodobokinomotonishite, money kaneo to; activity katsudoo assistant; help. It is furtherance joseitoiimasu in this.
Donation of "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" comes, and we ask publicly on homepage, and shi way of being used of dishcloth person goes.

Do you do "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" where 4 is why?

Though we live for living including chuno person people among people people, koiku kosodatete which are worth carrying old person old person and sho, hitsuyona person people needing assistant help are in house town-cho of I us to live in. Because all do living living and uncrowded hand biography help to become, together slightly assistant; help each other. That is "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red".

And, for hitsuyona person people needing assistant help, activity is how various volunteer groups groups. If it is activity or gathers, it is serious at all, but collections of money kanega of multi-most gather more, and contribution kifusureba can be concerned with what begin to appear necessary hitsuyonao iron kaneo one alone slightly together if people people that there is many are activities or gather.
In addition, volunteer group groups separately donation activity bokinkatsudoosuruto to anywhere contribution kifusureba excellent; as hesitation is wondering whether is good, as "community chest kyodobokin" is donation activity bokinkatsudooshite, community chest society kyodobokinkaiga examination shinsashite necessary hitsuyonatokoroni furtherance joseioshiteimasu in a mass.

Do collections of how much contribution kifuga gather in 5 "red red feather community chest hanekyodobokin?"

maitoshi, collections of contribution kifuga of all over Japan nihonzenkokukara multi-most gather every year.

By now now most multi-; 26.5 billion yen that does not sleep in 1995 puts that it was a lot; did not get. Calyx which the total sum goes along goes over 1 trillion yen choeno super until now when we acquire the maitoshino contribution kifuo product every year and give the top. As for everybody, thank you for your cooperation kyoryokuoitadaki of multi-most from everybody so much.

Is 6 "red red feather community chest hanekyodobokin" other than Japan nipponigaino country kuninimoarunoka?

In "community chest kyodobokin", country kuninadode line of world sekaino 43 is performed. But it is only Japanese Japan that is pickled "feather that red is red as symbol at bottom" shi. But we used, but, as for the past, "red red feather is just just using shi "feather that red is red as symbol at bottom" at bottom" only Japan Japan shi United States and south Minami Africa.

Originally originally structure of "community chest kyodobokin" began in the United States at the beginning. We do not sleep in 1913. It began more based on American structure in Japanese Japan at the beginning after Pacific War taiheiyosensoga shu was over. ; wide in the same way south Minami Africa, Canada, country kuniya area chiikini of 43 including Australia; spread.

"Feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" is called English eigodeha "community chest" (Community Chest). We taste will called "local chiikino money box chokimbako" and see and do this. If work on local chiikino money box chokimbakoha, local chiikide necessary hitsuyotosareteiru, or gather; by furtherance joseisurukotode, cooperation living living breathe, and make town-cho.

Is "red red feather donation bokinha of igaino color color, what donation bokin 7 at bottom?"

Donation activity bokinkatsudogaarimasu where we used feather haneo shi of various color colors for other than donation activity bokinkatsudoniha, "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red was red." Forest shinrinzukurinotameni, "feather that blue is blue jump" as for "eliminate green green feather" in the sea sea accident jikoniatta person people assistant; ritsu dateraremasu to bake each to help.

Donation activity bokinkatsudoniha, donation bokingaari to use feather haneo shi of various color colors for, group group different each perform line. Introduction carries main thing; meet. In addition, the most closeness strains, and donation activity bokinkatsudomo increase which assumed ribbon including pink ribbon (milk nyuganno enlightenment keihatsu) and orange ribbon (abuse gyakutaio of child child-proof prevent) symbol increases.

  • For person from hitsuyotosuru people necessary by feather community chest hanekyodobokin ... assistant help that red is red (perform community chest society kyodobokinkaiga line)
  • If it is green green donation bokin ... forest shinrinzukurino activity or gathers (we perform country tree planting promotion mechanism kokudoryokkasuishinkikouga line)
  • In the feather donation hanebokin ... sea Sea where blue is blue accident jikoniatta person person assistant; to help (perform Japanese drowning relief meeting nihonsuinankyusaikaiga line)
  • As soon as is activity for jisedaini zan to go over feather donation hanebokin (color and white are white without seeing light blue) ... beautiful shore worth cancer of the sea Sea in the next generation, or gather; for study study (perform the sea Sea and beach environment beautification, oil pollution measures mechanism nagisakankyobika, yudakutaisakukikouga line)
  • Cannot support feather donation hanebokin ... drowning orphan suinanijino of color without seeing light blue; is similar (perform fishing boat sea disaster orphan scholarship association gyosenkainanijiikueikaiga line)
  • If feather donation hanebokin ... Junior Red Cross result that white is white is activity of cough Juji who does not sleep carrying or gathers (we perform Japanese Red Cross Society nihonsekijushijaga line)
  • Donation bokin (eliminate feather that guilt is black) ... coal mine shaft accident sputum grows on sputum in this way; this affliction family risaikazokuno support shienni ※genzaiha line is not performed now

"Feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" old tale

A long time ago the community chest kyodobokinno origin is old Swiss mountain deep yamabukaimachiniarimasu.
 People people who did not have hini food thing which ate on that day were in town and damaged clergyman bokushisanha feeling mind of worth church today.

One day it is box hakoookimashita on hi, the clergyman bokushisanha way roadside. Box hakoniha, book was able to be played saying "you gave, and be produced".
"Meal food is enough, and people people whom we breed in somebody and can give put box hakoni food food and money kaneo."
"Today box hakokara food food and money kaneomoratteikinasai as for people people who are in trouble to meal eating thing today."

We quitted ritsu in this box hakoha, genzaino donation activity bokinkatsudonimotsunagaru, three next keywords.
The first is "anonymity" (anonymity). Is decided, and is inflammation; assistant; hitsuyotosuruminnanotameniataetanodesu which do not help, and need by assistant help. Person person to give does not need to clarify who oneself oneself is.
"We are not similar are, and the second is" (voluntarily). What person person whom person person to give takes is participation or does is free freely.
And the third "shinrai" (trust). We were taken to box hakogaareba, thief on the way roadside, and there might have been person person who told a lie, and took. But it is simply because herring and others let be each other, and go met when person people in town are this box hakonoimiowakatte, things for really necessary hitsuyona person people; ritsu tattashikumideshita.

Besides, "feather that red is red jumps, and telephone call child child counselor's office sodanshitsu" intellect about "feather community chest hanekyodobokin where red is red" if we want to know.
"Feather we jump child child counselor's office sodanshitsu where red is red"
Toll free number 0120-137-741
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