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"Red feather community chest" is activity of "cooperation" to assume "red feather" symbol. History of 70 years and "red feather community chest" with the popularity more than 90% are the most suitable tools for children to learn "the welfare" and "contribution".
Japan reaches low birthrate and aging, population decline society, and it is thought that public resources which supported community decrease until now. "Contribution" is very important, and it lets you understand "the need of contribution" from child to make sustainable society, and it is necessary to let "culture of contribution" root.

Five points of red feather community chest

① We support local caring

"Red feather community chest" supports imminent local caring. We make place where elderly people of local single life gather, and local person with a disability runs working facilities and fixes environment that local, children live for for relief security, and what is made use of features contribution at familiar place of. It is opportunity when children learn the welfare of their towns to live in.

② Local representative decides application of contribution

"Red feather community chest" establishes "community chest Committee" for each area of municipality and is to be able to decide most of contribution that gathered in area in "the furtherance screening committee" comprised of local representative. There is example that representative of primary and secondary student becomes examination committee member.

③ Many volunteers participate

As for both person contributing "red feather community chest" and the person asking for contribution, everybody is volunteer. It is "volunteer activity" that children can be concerned with casually. Through activity, we can bring up heart of consideration and mind of cooperation.

④ We carry out the metropolis and districts to unit

Each metropolis and districts community chest society becomes driven by enforcement, and "red feather community chest" is carried out for each metropolis and districts. Depending on the metropolis and districts community chest society, we may prepare for familiar goods in hometown including poster which appointed player of professional sports teams such as J League or B league and local pin badge.

⑤ Implementation period is six months from October 1 to March 31

As "red feather community chest" assumes six months until the end of March implementation period in the next year from October, we can carry out anytime during period.

Approach example of "red feather community chest" for children

■Know area, experience

By checking how "red feather community chest" is made use of in their areas, can learn about the local welfare. "Use, and rise; make map", and it is thought that perform for interview in group and facilities where contribution is made use of for.

■The investigation learning

History of "red feather community chest" is history of the welfare in Japan. By checking history of "red feather community chest", can learn Japanese postwar history. In addition, it leads to awakening of interest of children to check "red feather community chest trivia" checking origin of "red feather".

■Experience of volunteer activity

By experiencing "donation volunteer" calling for contribution, can actually feel about volunteer close. In addition, we can make poster of appeal together on working on the fund-raising and can perform in a great number of people all at once.

■We work on production

There is municipality community chest committee carrying out collecting box contest. How children will donate to many people and produce collecting box which made an elaborate plans. It is characteristic of this approach that is easy to be able to get participation in planning of protectors through helping with the making of collecting box.

Application of contribution is released in "red feather database hanetto"

Application of contribution to "red feather community chest" is released for each municipality on homepage called "red feather database hanetto".
"Red feather database hanetto" 

Please ask the metropolis and districts community chest society of the location. We prepare approach manual for schools.
The metropolis and districts community chest society