Hometown Support

"Hometown Support" (red feather "hometown support donation") chooses the metropolis and districts, municipality that wants to make use of your contribution and can raise funds.

"Hometown Support" is structure which we can donate to own oldness and favorite town on the Internet and chooses among nationwide all municipalities and can support all year private community-based welfare activity. In addition, we choose theme to solve local annoyance and can donate. With "oldness" that you remember, what kind of approach will it be made use for?

  • For calling activity toward the dinner society and the single life that the elderly gather for in depopulated area.
  • For salon activity to prevent activity that mother during child care talks about trouble and anxiety with in urban area with many generations in their prime and isolation of the elderly.
  • For the training activity of activity to make local evacuation map in area where disaster may be caused and disaster volunteer.

Through "Hometown Support" of red feather, do you not support approach to solve problem of "hometown?"

We choose from area to donate

We choose contribution and, for each metropolis and districts, municipalities of the whole country, can have contribution. In addition, we can have you appoint application of contribution in the field.

Akita Iwate
  Ishikawa   Yamagata Miyagi
Toyama Niigata Fukushima
  Fukui Gifu Nagano Gunma Tochigi Ibaraki
  Yamaguchi Shimane Tottori Hyogo Kyoto Shiga Yamanashi Saitama
Nagasaki Saga Fukuoka   Hiroshima Okayama Osaka Nara Mie Aichi Shizuoka Kanagawa Tokyo Chiba
Kumamoto Oita   Wakayama    
  Miyazaki   Ehime Kagawa  
Kochi Tokushima

We choose among goods

In community chest society of each metropolis and districts, we present original goods by donation cooperation constant amount of money or more.
There are local badge, clear file, various goods including collaboration goods with professional sports team.

For more details, please refer to the following links.

List of goods with contribution is this

We choose among theme to contribute

In community chest society of each place, we decide theme to solve each local annoyance and call for the fund-raising.
Donation acceptance of 2020 was finished.

We get rid of isolation from area

The making of place to stay of children

Child care support

Town planning that resists disaster

The making of purpose of life of elderly person

Social participation of person with a disability

Sustainable community improvement