Contribution to red feather community chest by proceeds of "Mercari" is enabled

Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan (chairperson Atsushi Seike) will be added newly as contribution of "Mercari contribution" of flea market application "Mercari" to run of Mercari, Inc. (representative Shintaro Yamada, following, Mercari) function (※).
About "Mercari contribution" function

We can have you donate from various various places that as Central Community Chest of Japan is added newly this time as contribution of "Mercari contribution", use Mercari to "red feather community chest".
We utilize contribution that had this "Mercari contribution" function go for various caring of the whole country widely through community chest society of each metropolis and districts.
I would like cooperation about contribution to "red feather community chest" through Mercari.

※News release is this