We had contribution from Mitsubishi Electric SOCIO-ROOTS fund

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation founds matching gift system "Mitsubishi Electric SOCIO-ROOTS (the socio origin) foundation" where company adds the same amount to for donation of employee in 1992 and has you donate to "red feather community chest" every year.
 We represented the foundation on last Tuesday, March 16 and had the presentation of contribution from Mitsuharu Kiwada of the company's manager of General Affairs Department.
Contribution will conjugate for local social welfare activity through support to person with a disability facilities or child welfare institution, elderly person facilities which NPO and social welfare corporation of the whole country run.

State (the photograph left Manager of General Affairs Department Mitsuharu Kiwada) of the list presentation
※We took off mask only at the time of photography.


 In addition, in this year, we got the pandemic situation of 2020 for the fund and we utilized net donation system of main meeting and were worked on "supporting eyo kinkyushiembokin in child and families in closure of a school in red feather temporariness" quickly.

 In the severe society situation, thank you very much for support cooperation that is great for all of the foundations. We sincerely offer my gratitude.

We presented letter of thanks than this meeting Vice Chairperson Kenichi Furuichi (the photograph left)
※We took off mask only at the time of photography.


Homepage of Mitsubishi Electric SOCIO-ROOTS (the socio origin) fund is this place