We had contribution from all of circle Kahn employee

As for circle Kahn, it is worked on activity of "circle Kahn employee vending machine donation" by circle Kahn employees as part of contribution to society activity.
With circle Kahn employee vending machine donation, we utilize a part of the sales of vending machine for exclusive use of employee installed in each circle Kahn store to reserving, community contribution.

It was pandemic and was affected more in 2020 and, in the severe situation that donation activity period was limited, decided support to "red feather community chest" and gave a large amount of contribution.
Contribution from all of circle Kahn employee is the eighth year in this year and expresses sincere appreciation for continuous support.

Please utilize donation that you had for caring in area to make use in each area of the metropolis and districts where store of circle Kahn is located.
In addition, we have you appoint this donation about the furtherance to the field of elderly person, the field of child with a disability, person, the field of child, young people by intention of all the employees.

We presented letter of thanks to circle Kahn union member of the central executive committee Maki Nagabayashi (the photograph right) than Director Managing Director Central Community Chest of Japan Atsuo Shibuya (the photograph left).
※We take off mask only at the time of shooting.