For contribution from Japan golf tour player society
We presented letter of thanks

We had contribution from Japan golf tour player society from "caring support whole country campaign under red feather new model corona infection" donation and "disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation (disaster borasapo), July, 2020 heavy rain" and performed the presentation ceremony.

At the presentation ceremony, list was presented to Director Managing Director Central Community Chest of Japan, Atsuo Shibuya (the photograph right) than player chairperson, Takamitsu Tokimatsu (the photograph left) after purpose report about contribution on behalf of Japan golf tour player society and presented letter of thanks from main meeting.
From Tokimatsu, chairperson "begin in infection spread of new coronavirus, and people encountered damage including heavy rain disaster of Kyushu come a lot this year. The situation that men's golf could not play a game continued, but had warm message saying still we could donate in this way, and all the players are glad.

Also, contribution makes use for victim support of heavy rain disaster that brought big damage in this July for support such as the poverty, children or family standing alone by corona evil carefully.

We sincerely offer my gratitude for great support.

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