We presented letter of thanks for contribution from Cardinal health

We had great contribution from "caring support whole country campaign under red feather new model corona infection" donation than global company Cardinal health (the Cardinal Health Inc. head office: the United States) to provide health care service and medical product. For Cardinal health Japan group (Cardinal Health Japan combination company, Japanese kovidien) which was Japanese subsidiary, we performed the presentation of letter of thanks with online.

Four people participated including Takao Kawashima (photograph: the middle section right) of Cardinal health Japan group unification and presented letter of thanks to the presentation ceremony than Director Managing Director Central Community Chest of Japan Atsuo Shibuya (photograph: the middle section left).
Contribution from the company made use as support to food bank activity by corona evil and, at the presentation ceremony, reported the current situation of support including summary of the whole this campaign.

"There is culture thinking about it continues, and how you perform contribution to society for Cardinal health from Kawashima. We were impressed with state of this support activity and had message which felt secure saying we want to work on contribution to society more than before.
We sincerely offer my gratitude for great support.

News release about contribution from Cardinal health

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