We presented letter of thanks for contribution from Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., SOMPO sunflower life insurance

We had contribution from money of support "disaster borasapo" (disaster volunteer, NPO activity support donation) that main meeting carried out to support various places suffered from by "July, 2020 heavy rain disaster" that attacked various parts of Japan in July, 2020 by "SOMPO chikyu club" which was volunteer organization by members of Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., SOMPO sunflower life insurance and group post.

Furthermore, social isolation was urgent in child and protectors whom there was concern about with closure of a school in temporariness carried out as new coronavirus infectious disease measures and, from Sompo Japan Insurance Inc., SOMPO chikyu club, had contribution from "supporting eyo kinkyushienjonarijigyo in child and families closing temporarily" for activities to support.

I held the presentation ceremony online and, for support cooperation named such a mint, handed letter of thanks.

We sincerely offer my gratitude for great cooperation.


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