We carried out "service design lecture" by collaboration with NTT DATA Corporation

We carried out the company and "service design lecture" by collaboration for the first time   to discover problem on pushing forward business as part of follow-up of the "red feather welfare fund" furtherance group by offer of "NTT DATA Corporation" while standing in glance of side (beneficiary) that received support toward business continuation after the furtherance, and to learn the need social, to send result effectively.

 This lecture made use of discovery power and IT skill of customer needs that were strength of main profession that the company had, and it was at opportunity when this fund furtherance ahead group learned technique to connect from problem setting with solution with employee of the company, and it was in place that thought about business deployment after the furtherance.

 In addition, we investigated problem in business by visualizing business outline while receiving support of work work by the company's employee in workshop and were able to examine effective solution.

 It was connected for figure approach for making of sustainable society by regarding solution as problem in the furtherance business through this service design lecture, and visualizing business process. For details, please refer to the following.

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The date  
It is 00 30~18 10 on Thursday, February 6, 2020

NTT DATA Corporation design studio "AQUAIR" (1-6-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo the 36th floor of Izumi Garden Tower)

25 (house, furtherance (furtherance end group) 8 group 15 to include, NTT DATA employee ten)

We perform workshop to plan visualization of business process and goal in the furtherance business outline carrying out for each team now to image how we should utilize "service design" by daily support activities

▼The details of service design lecture are this!

We carry out service design lecture to support social problem solution by NPO (NTT DATA Corporation)