We presented letter of thanks for contribution from Okasan Securities Group Inc.

We presented letter of thanks to Remi Sekiguchi (the photograph left) of company's director, sustainability promotion general manager for contribution that we had to "red feather welfare fund" from Okasan Securities Group Inc.
The company has you approve of purpose of "red feather welfare fund" and has it continues from 2017 and support.

"Red feather welfare fund" aims at social realization "leaving nobody" that is aim of SDGs through the furtherance to business, activity for solution of various society, life problems in area that cannot support in existing public system.
In 2020, we supported in 21 cases including group which worked on activity that we stayed and supported for child with difficulties and attending school support of medical care child, agriculture fortune cooperation in total.
In addition, in 2021, we decide the furtherance to 13 such as activities to push forward place to stay offer and working support to young man standing alone, activity to protect woman from sexual exploitation and sex violence, multicultural symbiosis in total.

We sincerely offer my gratitude for support of Okasan Securities Group Inc.

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