We held the furtherance investiture in "red feather welfare fund" 2021

We carried out the furtherance investiture online on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 in red feather welfare fund 2021 and had 13 groups which we supported and decided participate this year.

Firstly on this foundation than Nodani administration chairperson it "is furtherance decision groups that thought of which contributed was entrusted with. Donors is united with the furtherance decision group and wants you to create feeling turning society. Message that it hit business operation saying we pray for building sustainable society as friend who raised each other of encouragement was sent while talking, and learning.

Successively than Wada examination chairperson "there is application of a variety of themes, and it is recognized this year that this fund supports the field crossing-like wide activity at cut end called local social problem. We had examination comment from all of furtherance decision groups saying we expect that we opened new activity of viewpoint to aim at solution to social problem and multi-engine and ring of thing and activity local, to create society resources such as necessary networks while collaborating and spread to approach of each place.

In addition, it was at opportunity to have you have will to progress when we developed the furtherance business from 2018 to three years and had example announcement from NPO corporation Toshima child WAKUWAKU network finished this year, and the furtherance decision group carried out business newly.

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