Guidance of testation, the inheritance contribution

To all of you thinking of testation, the inheritance contribution

For the future of your town, is there thing to be able to leave?

I take your property and property succeeded to in community chest society in community chest society and come to have a lot consultation to want you to utilize your attachment for the local welfare that there is.

Community chest is national citizen's all of you's campaign managed by cooperation from donation to the furtherance. By donation that we raised, the furtherance more than 50,000 a year is carried out for every welfare group and NPO, volunteer in all metropolis and districts, municipalities of the whole country and is made use for the welfare problem solution.

In late years, in our country, various life problems including increase of lonely death and suicide, the issue of school refusal yahikikomorino, domestic problem that the poverty is in a state economically are actualized, and it is social problem.

In community chest society, we can connect precious property which I took from all of you with solution to these various welfare problems.

About brochure of testation, the inheritance contribution

Brochure of guidance made "information about testation, inheritance contribution from red feather community chest" about testation, the inheritance contribution in Central Community Chest of Japan.

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I send the goods of brochure. In addition, please contact the following for consultation about testation, the inheritance contribution casually.

The social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan general affairs department
〒100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki the fifth floor of the building