Grant Making

We support private activity worked on throughout Japan financially to solve various local problems and social problem in community chest society. We make the furtherance program that accepted use and area.

Red feather community chest

In community chest society, we perform the furtherance to social welfare activity to plan promotion of community-based welfare. With or without juridical person, we support private activity more than 50,000 every year in the whole country.
Each metropolis and districts community chest society accepts application, application of the furtherance.

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The metropolis and districts community chest society

"Community chest furtherance policy"

※The concrete furtherance essential points, please identify homepage of each metropolis and districts community chest society.

Community Impact Fund

By activity to solve various society problems that cannot support by existing system and service, we support pioneer model-like approach with nationwide ripple effect.
Central Community Chest of Japan accepts application of the furtherance.

Application receptionist of the fifth (2020) furtherance closed.

(offer period: until from December 3, 2019 to January 17, 2020)

Please refer to following "the fifth (2020) furtherance summary" for this furtherance summary.

   The red feather welfare fund "fifth (2020) furtherance" summary

As we introduce, please see "the furtherance business summary" in application past "list of furtherance decision" from the following "red feather welfare fund" page.

We assist borasapo, Kyushu inhabitants and move into action and support (Kumamoto earthquake)

"We assist inhabitants, and the furtherance" supports cooperation activity by groups of local people in stricken area of Kumamoto earthquake borasapo, Kyushu.
Kumamoto community chest society carried out the furtherance and started application receptionist in September, 2018. For more information, look here.

borasapo 2 (the Great East Japan Earthquake)

We support local group of the three affected prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima).
This furtherance business supports cooperation activity by groups of local people of stricken area, and we pray for connection of various people and community revival of disaster area for revival of stricken area and carry out.
Community chest society of the three affected prefectures accepts application and we examine and work.

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seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program

We carry out the furtherance business to support independence of person registered at child nursing home!

In Central Community Chest of Japan, we carry out red feather welfare fund "seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program" for the purpose of support to person of child nursing home exit for resources by contribution from seiwajuku (private school of the KYOCERA Corporation founder Kazuo Inamori sponsorship) dissolved at the end of 2019.
Support expense to aim at "the job hunting support furtherance" to support expense to modify job hunting targeting at to leave child nursing home by program, and to learn in university or technical school and the acquisition such as national qualifications; recruit "the job tsukeyo support furtherance in hand".
We will have you apply for both furtherance from each facility, engine such as child nursing home, independence support home, exit child support office, child consultation center. People concerned would appreciate your applying to applicable students after guidance by all means.
You can download application essential points from the following. When it is applied, we would appreciate your submitting various documents by deadline for submission listing in application essential point.

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