The furtherance activity of community chest society is supported by contribution from all of you. Your support is a big support to solve annoyance in each places of the whole country. I would like support cooperation by all means. There are structure and method of various donations and can donate depending on the field you like.

We donate in net (online contribution)

Red feather community chest

The fund-raising to be carried out by the metropolis and districts unit.
It is made use for activity of various community-based welfare that volunteer, NPO, Japan National Council of Social Welfare, welfare facilities perform. We can choose contribution in the metropolis and districts and the municipalities, the field name.

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Disaster borasapo (disaster volunteer ・
NPO activity support donation)

We make use as grant of activity funds such as NPO, volunteer group working on support of people suffered from in the stricken area.

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Community Impact Fund

It is fund supporting to pioneer approach for solution to social problem. We invite public participation targeting at the whole country.

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jishinhoken "bond"
Support gold project

When great disaster such as earthquake, tsunami, eruption was caused, we save money of support of volunteer and NPO moving into action at stricken area as fund beforehand. sho shikuhakochirajishinhoken "bond"
We donate to money of support

Community Impact Fund
"seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program"

Young man who leaves child nursing home, and entered a school of higher grade supports job hunting or qualification to be able to become independent as member of society. For more details, the height of this sum cram school member of society colonizes
We donate to support program

Other contribution, methods of support

About the taxation system kind treatment of donation

Donation to main meeting becomes a target of the taxation system kind treatments such as corporation tax or personal income tax (deductions from income or the amount of a tax candidate).
<example of tax credit>
(contribution amount of money -2,000 yen) *40% returns by final income tax return at hand. ※It varies according to income tax rates.
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Contribution window, inquiry form

About contribution is consulted, and put.
Telephone 03-3581-3846 (contribution window weekdays 9:30-17:30)
Inquiry form is this