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We support approach aiming at solution to social problem

With various life problems, people needing support are increasing now. Support to people in state of social isolation and life poverty, life support to dementia elderly person and child with a disability, person, one parent home, child abuse are urgent problems and form platform depending including assisting by inhabitants with enhancement of public system and service between various business by volunteer, NPO group and local various groups, and activity that cooperated is expected.

Depending on area, pioneer approach is pushed forward by private social welfare company or group, but support on fund side is necessary to plan continuation and expanse of activity.

On the other hand, in late years company, group and consciousness for personal sustainable society contribution that are going to meet social request have been increasing.

Therefore we founded "red feather welfare fund" to take these contribution consciousness, and to bundle up on inviting community chest campaign 70 years in Central Community Chest of Japan in 2016, and to tie support continuously again regionally.

"Red feather welfare fund" builds new activity and structure for solution to social problem by public system and service in the field that cannot support and aims at community improvement that support anyone, and is supported.

What's New

About red feather welfare fund

Greetings at the time of the foundation

Red feather community chest was founded for the purpose of promotion of private social welfare in 1947 (Showa 22) just after postwar period.

Community chest established emphasis for support of afflicted people and orphan and, in postwar confusion, moved into action, and, working was thing as it was called "welcome rain".

Afterwards, in passage of times, important point of activity changed, but, as for changing, there are none in community chest having exercised on the basis of local, assisting.

Well, we hold various life problems including increase of lonely death and suicide, the issue of school refusal yahikikomorino, problem of one pro-family, home where the poverty is in a state economically currently in our country, and people needing support increase.

However, as for the system to deal with problem of one one, it may be said that there are these problems in "interval of system" without it having possibilities to be said that it is still set enough.

We form platform to stop at as base between various groups, and, for these problems in interval of system, it is expected of local, assisting by activity that cooperated what we work on. Therefore we take action by civic viewpoint, and contribution to society awareness that is going to begin to change for problem solution shows surge.

We took your contribution to society consciousness on reaching community chest campaign 70 years in Central Community Chest of Japan and bundled up and founded "red feather welfare fund" to tie support regionally and continuously.

We make use of know-how of red feather community chest in "red feather welfare fund" and want to create "feeling turning society".

We have you approve of this fund activity by all means and want to push forward activity to turn society together, and your cooperation, please. 

April, 2016
Social Welfare Corporation Central Community Chest of Japan
Chairperson Juro Saito
※Former chairperson greetings of the foundation

About red feather welfare fund, we see in detail

Aim for red feather welfare fund

Solution to task which cannot support in public system

In area, there are people holding straight kizurasao. Children who cannot take wound, young man staying indoors, isolation of single life elderly person, other than lunch meal which kept strong of school by reemployment in house after having lost the job…. There is in the situation not to be connected for appropriate support and service without most relying on being in trouble in consultation with somebody, and it being possible.
Therefore problem decrypts and often worsens and cannot readily cope by existing system and measure.
For solution to life problem in such an "interval of system", it is sought that we create new structure of support.

We catch the target field, business outline widely

Life problem in area diverges into many branches. We intend for child home, child with a disability, person, the field including elderly person widely not only the specific field at this foundation. Business outline is made with support project, activity, base, network of activity, too, including research about problem arrest widely, and support.

Realization of community to be able to live in in peace

For life problem solution in area by inhabitants assist, and activities such as private organization, group are expected. Each inhabitants takes as own problem and, through support of acting, aims at community improvement that anyone supports, and is supported.

Structure of red feather welfare fund

Structure of fund

While system is not intended for "red feather welfare fund", creation of correspondence to sought needs, new society resources, correspondence across the field that accorded with needs, nationwide wide area-like expanse clarify the actual situation of society problem through cooperation, collaboration business with business to be expected, plural groups, related organizations and the furtherance to activities and run by contribution from company, group and personal having agreement sympathize with these business and activities.

We donate to red feather welfare fund

Request for contribution

  • It is the highest and, for red feather welfare fund, supports needs of people needing support for a variety of business, activities that we caught.
    Contribution that had red feather welfare fund approach is spread out for activity that support needs in all of furtherance sections (① child home support section, ② elderly person support section, ③ child with a disability, person support section, ④ disaster connection section, ⑤ community-based welfare section) of this foundation.
  • In addition, along mission and CSR action program of company, we can have you support contribution that you specialized in section having you support from the furtherance section of ①-⑤ mentioned above for social problem in order to be settled.
  • We are specialized in support theme hoped for from the furtherance section mentioned above and can develop the furtherance business by "the specific furtherance program that named company names". Along your intention, we pay our attention to social problem in background of the field of furtherance and will suggest the furtherance program to contribute to problem solution.

Cooperation example of a variety of contribution

  • Through Yahoo! net donation by collaboration with contribution, Asahi Soft Drinks by profit and T point of charity auctions "is toast with smile on the Doll's Festival! We had cooperation through enforcement of donation.
    (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
  • We established place that introduced approach of red feather welfare fund to person in charge of contribution to society of company in person in charge of contribution to society round-table conference and had you provide opportunity to call for cooperation of contribution.
    (Japan Business Federation)
  • We were introduced through article publication of fund business outline in "monthly report judicial scrivener" February, 2017 issue as testation.
    (association of Japanese judicial scrivener society society)

Company, group, personal all of you (the 2019-2020 year) who had contribution

Contribution of company

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. "making of bright future fund X red feather welfare fund of children"
seiwajuku ("seiwajukushakaijinteichakuoen program")
The welfare insurance service ("safety net functional enhancement furtherance program in the aid stations")

ARTNER Co., Ltd.
NTT DATA Corporation
The All NTT Workers Union of Japan East Japan head office total branch office
Okasan Securities Group Inc.
Sunohara industry place

Softbank Corporation "donation to be connected"
Yahoo Japan Corporation "Yahoo! net donation"

Contribution of employee donation + company

Horse mackerel Lent technology
Horse mackerel Lent technology International, Inc.

Personal contribution

Toshio Matsumoto ("Toshio Matsumoto child support fund")
Hiroshi Morita

※Only random order, printing who had understanding introduce.
In addition, we had many testations, contribution. We offer my gratitude for support.


Your contribution to society solves local problem and social problem.
We would appreciate your support, cooperation of many of you.

Contribution to red feather welfare fund is this


Contribution previous engagement seat

I can receive contribution by transfer from the following account.

 Mizuho Bank Toranomon Branch
 Ordinary deposit 4059202
 Account name social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan red feather welfare fund

 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tokyo government affairs department
 Ordinary deposit 0162563
 Account name social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan red feather welfare fund

 Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Tokyo government affairs department
 Ordinary deposit 0075407
 Account name social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan red feather welfare fund

Please download "red feather welfare fund" contribution application from this.

Contribution through community chest includes preferential treatment in the taxation system

As for the contribution to "red feather welfare fund", special loss of money inclusion of donation is accepted as donation to accept as social welfare corporation (the specific public interest increase corporation).

  • "Special loss of money inclusion" of corporation tax can receive "donation subtraction" of income tax or "donation tax credit".
  • We consider, and, "tax exemption of inheritance tax" in case of contribution of personal property, there are "tax-free measures" of transfer taxation.

※We will present letter of thanks to contribution for red feather welfare fund. In addition, community chest society is group targeted for a few medal of honor systems.
(the presentation, medal of honor has standard)

We see the furtherance decision

Introduction of the furtherance business

While many groups, engines and cooperation collaborate for solution to society task which cannot support by public system and service, we create society resources such as necessary activity and human resources, network and support for support project every each section of nationwide model and "child home support that it is, elderly person support, child with a disability, person support, disaster connection, community-based welfare". As we introduce approach of activity report and the furtherance decision group every each year in this foundation, please see.

We read red feather welfare fund activity report

We see the furtherance decision group activity summary

Grant Making of red feather welfare fund

About the furtherance of fund

About the furtherance of fund

Flow of the furtherance business application of fund

Flow of the furtherance business application of fund

Section which is targeted for the furtherance

Section which is targeted for the furtherance

We apply for the furtherance

By activity to solve various society problems that cannot support by existing system and service, we receive application for pioneer model-like approach with nationwide ripple effect.

Is registering application of the sixth (2021) furtherance; (the Monday, January 18, 2021 deadline)

Please refer to "red feather welfare fund" application essential points from the following.

About the red feather welfare fund "sixth (2021) furtherance" open call for participants