Contribution to society

They reach low birthrate and aging society, and current Japan including healthy upbringing of child carrying social participation, next generation such as ro々kaimamori by aging and the local depopulation, working of person with a disability faces various society problems and area problems. Stricken area support when the preparation and disaster to frequent disaster have been caused becomes big problem.
We work to tie individual and company where we want to contribute to to solve such a problem to approach for problem solution in community chest society.

Contribution by individual


Through red feather community chest and contribution to red feather welfare fund, we can participate in approach of problem solution. Donation is made use of for group and support of volunteer group that community chest society examined as grant appropriately

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Campaign for red feather community chest is supported by many volunteers. Shall we participate in volunteer of community chest that about 2 million people participate in in the whole country?

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Testation, the inheritance

We can make use of your will of the deceased for the future and next generation in Japan. In community chest society, we accept consultation of contribution by testation and the inheritance at any time.

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Contribution by company

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