The end of the application receptionist: About the second open call for participants of the urgent activity support furtherance to person who lost place to stay (11/20 deadline)

This furtherance finished application acceptance.

In Central Community Chest of Japan and national community chest society "let's support person supporting! We develop caring support whole country campaign under red feather new model corona infection.

Fear of domestic violence (DV) loses place to stay from various reasons including home that has been increasing from child and young people who cannot be in house by people, abuse or neglect that lost work and house for economic conditions aggravation, stress while influence of new coronavirus is prolonged, and life problem of people standing alone is further actualized. Particularly, it is felt uneasy about that many people lose house at the end of this year becoming time limit of public support such as rent assistance.
Emergency support to utilize various tools providing place to stay supporting the use of necessary system to consultation for such people, and to make connection, and to prevent isolation is developed by various groups, engines, but human resources and activity funds which are necessary for long-term support activity are not enough for which group, engine either.
Therefore we support support activity for people who lost place to stay from fund side and carry out this furtherance for the purpose of making "(leave no one behind) to leave nobody" society in this corona evil.

The furtherance summaries are as follows. The details, please apply after checking application essential point.

[the furtherance summary]

●The furtherance amount of money, scale
○The furtherance upper limit in 1 group is 3 million yen
○We intend for activity (business) that does not receive public assistance and the furtherance by other groups 
○But we shall be able to apply even if we receive other furtherance with the proviso that clear division of expense is performed
○When, about group which received the first furtherance, the first furtherance business and period do not repeat; or with the first furtherance business
It is said that application is possible about case to apply for in business of different content.
○The second furtherance total sum schedules 60 million yen
○Depending on the situation of contribution, we may invite public participation for the furtherance after the third

●Group which is targeted for the furtherance
○Nonprofit group (as for having juridical person or not no object) for the purpose of promotion of social welfare, community-based welfare
○Group being established at the time of application, and the enforcement system of business targeted for the furtherance being set (as for the activity number of years no object)
○Do not be group with relation that is close to antisocial power and antisocial power  

●It must arrive by Friday, November 20, 2020 on the application deadline

●Application method
After checking the following application essential point, you download application book ①②, and please input the requirements.
After that, you upload submission documents of A - J from the following web application form by the application deadline, and please transmit. (we do not accept application by email and mail)

[downloading of application essential point and application book]  
Urgent activity support furtherance second application essential point to person who lost place to stay

Urgent activity support furtherance second application book ① (Word) to person who lost place to stay

Urgent activity support furtherance second application book ② (Excel) to person who lost place to stay

[documents to attach to web application form]
Urgent activity support furtherance application book ① (Word) to person who lost A place to stay
Urgent activity support furtherance application book ② (Excel) to person who lost B place to stay
Terms, the rules of a society as C group, one of the articles of association
D2019 year business report
E2019 year financial statements material (activity check/income statement or the income and expenditure check)
F2020 year business plan
Cash budget book of G 2020
Existing material (flyer, HP) which activity that enforced H latest officer list I or activity to plan understands
Image of part which financial institution name in the bankbook second page of J grant transfer account, supporting store's name, account number, account name understand

[web application form URL]