[2/25 application deadline] About open call for participants of the root support furtherance of the third with corona grass

※This furtherance business finishes application acceptance.

In community chest society national than May, 2020, red feather which Central Community Chest of Japan enforced in March of the year enlarges "supporting eyo kinkyushienkatsudobokin in child and families closing in temporariness", and "let's support people supporting! We develop caring support whole country campaign under red feather new model corona infection.

We review conventional meeting-like activity and way of connecting in the community-based welfare activity, and new activity-style is enforced while measures to infectious disease change every day, and "new lifestyle" including reducing contact by taking physical distance with people is proposed in the everyday life to new coronavirus.

Reach with food which is necessary for "the emergency support furtherance to support child and family closed temporarily" and people poor economically, and support life with main meeting while did so;, as for "food bank activities, the support furtherance" developed "the emergency activity support furtherance to people who lost place to stay". Through these, significance such as volunteer group, NPO which is grass-roots community-based welfare activity in society of with corona and the leading figure makes recognition with thing which will add to heaviness more and more in future strong.

Therefore we carry out the third offer of "the root support furtherance of with corona grass" to support volunteer group, shift and organizing to new community-based welfare activity by NPO in society of with corona.
As we simplify procedure in comparison with the everyday furtherance as much as possible, we pray for having groups as many as possible utilize.

The furtherance summaries are as follows. The details, please apply after checking application essential point.

[the furtherance summary]

●The furtherance amount of money, scale
○The furtherance amount of money per one assumes principle 100,000 yen.
○The furtherance total sum schedules 30 million yen.

●Group which is targeted for the furtherance
○Volunteer group, NPO which performs community-based welfare activity ※1 (any group, general incorporated association, non profit organization which do not have juridical person)
○The annual budget for group scale (the amount of last year gross earnings) being almost less than 3 million yen ※2
○Being group established before December, 2020
○Have transfer account as group
○What group oneself has the original secretariat and can apply for by online or email
○Antisocial power ※Do not be group with relation that is close to 3 and antisocial power
○Group which has received the furtherance of community chest within the past five years becomes available for on-line application. ※4 ※5

※It is not for social welfare corporation by the furtherance of 1 this time. In addition, residents' association, neighborhood association, apartment is not for group primarily aiming at mutual help-like activities between members such as management unions of apartment complex.
※Group with 3 million yen or more gross earnings of 2 last year is excluded. (we include subsidy, money in trust, grant)
※With group corresponding to 3 antisocial power gang, gangster (include person who does not pass in five years from day that was not gangster.) We say group admitted that, gang associate member, gang-affiliated company or other antisocial power participate in administration of business targeted for the furtherance.
※In group which received the furtherance of community chest (help each other at the end of the year, and include) for 4 past less than five years (after 2015), activity content at that time does not matter. But we may confirm about fact, the adjustment situation that received the furtherance in community chest society.
※It is not for the furtherance from Central Community Chest of Japan such as supporting eyo kinkyushienkatsudojonari, the food bank activity support furtherance in child and families closed in 5 temporariness.  

●It must arrive by Thursday, February 25, 2021 on the third application deadline (email transmission or online application input)
※On-line application can apply until 23:59 on February 25. As you cannot push application button when over this period, please apply on application with margin.

●The third application method
Please apply for group to apply to as we make possible on-line application in the group which has received the furtherance of community chest within the past five years from the following "application form" (Tayori).
You download application essential point and application book from the following, and group which does not receive the furtherance of community chest within the past five years attaches required document after filling out to application book, and please apply for application ahead of mention in application essential point in Email.

The root support furtherance application essential point third of with corona grass

The root support furtherance application book third of with corona grass

Root support furtherance third application form (only in the group which received the furtherance of community chest in the past 5 years.of with corona grass For more details, please see ※ 5 mentioned above)