Net donation to be able to choose theme to solve the town of hometown and local annoyance
... which accepts contribution to ... "Hometown Support" (red feather, oldness and support donation)

With "Hometown Support", structure which we can donate to own oldness and favorite town on the Internet is abbreviation of "red feather, hometown support donation". We choose among all municipalities of the whole country and can support local private caring.

In addition, the feature is that we choose theme to solve local annoyance and can donate and accepts until the end of March, 2021.

In (at January 7, 2021), we introduce with 233 by each prefecture, municipality individual local problem (theme) in 36 prefectures of the whole country and call for donation this year. As you can support from the following link, I would like contribution cooperation from all of you.

Contribution from this


Characteristic of Hometown Support

[characteristic 1] We can choose area to donate

We choose municipality and areas of activity and can donate


For "children" of "Akita" "Senboku-shi"

For "impaired person" of "Toyama" "Imizu-shi"

For "the elderly" of "Kumamoto" "Hitoyoshi-shi"

[characteristic 2] We are available from theme to contribute

We can choose among seven themes to solve local annoyance.


①We get rid of isolation from area

"We want to make society to be able to live in in peace even if we suffer from dementia"

②The making of place to stay of children

"We want to increase places to stay that not only "stomach" but also "heart" meets"

③Child care support

"We want to get rid of "lonely" child care"

④Town planning that resists disaster

"We want to support volunteer of stricken area support activity"

⑤Elderly person noikigaizukuri

"We want to make place to stay in corona evil with elderly person, dementia to be troubled with new life"

⑥Social participation of person with a disability

"Impaired person wants to make place working like oneself, too"

⑦Sustainable community improvement

"We want to make town full of smiles through meal"

We had you approve of, and "Hometown Support" was made use of for annoyance solution of each places of the whole country since start every year in 2009 by many people. Please support your important oldness in "Hometown Support" of red feather this year. I would like your support.