"Social in peace, the furtherance business to activity to support exit children such as social nursing homes will leave the nest" ... SoftBank charity smile fourth; support furtherance ... [application acceptance was finished]

 This furtherance business learns the way of difficult solution before exit of social nursing home for various difficulties to face when social, children living a life under the social nursing based on donation of contribution to society service "charity smile" for cell-phone contractors whom "Softbank Corporation" enforces in February, 2016 become independent practically and performs support for approach to snuggle up to children after having left, and to support.
 "Social in peace, for existence to be able to rely on and business to work on by to make places to stay, social in peace leave the nest, and to be able to live, the SoftBank charity smile fourth will leave the nest" and carries out the support furtherance after having left facilities targeting at children becoming independent in society from social nursing homes.
 As for the application details, please see the following. ※This furtherance application acceptance was finished.


The furtherance summary

Group which is targeted for the furtherance

  • As for the exit children working on aftercare of children moving forward for independence from social nursing homes, it is support office, group.
  • But group is established at the time of application and assumes that we can confirm activity of group on homepages requirements.
  • In addition, group for the purpose of undertaking for profit is excluded.

Contents which are targeted for the furtherance

  • Activity to expand the support contents as base in business about aftercare for children who left social nursing homes.
  • But we assume that we send to donor in the Internet mediums about progress and result of the furtherance business at any time requirements.

[target activity example] 
○We work on house support
・Activity to be concerned with maintenance, securing of share house for children who left social nursing homes, other house support
○We work on employment support
・Activity to be concerned with the training, training for employment and independence, company support to the workplace and contact adjustment with employer, other working support
○We work on consultation support
・Consultation support through administration of the person concerned alumnus society, maintenance accompanied with setting of consultation base in aftercare

The furtherance amount of money

Amount of upper limit 1 million yen 

Expense that is targeted for the furtherance

  • Base maintenance costs, the equipment purchase costs that it costs for house support and consultation support
  • The travel expenses transportation expenses that job hunting support and consultation support cost, communication transportation costs

※Personnel expenses become out of the furtherance object.


Application methods  

The application deadline

Friday, February 21, 2020 ※The end of the application receptionist

Application book

  • Please download application essential point, application book ① (Word), application book ② (Excel) from the following.
  • After that, please submit both application book ①,② by E-mail by date.


※As we introduce program of Softbank Corporation "charity smile", at first, please see.

The "charity smile" program details from this (special site)


About the furtherance selection

The right or wrong of the furtherance is decided after examination by examination selection meeting.
We announce on this meeting homepage in the end of March, 2020 and will tell about result by mail.


Downloading of application essential point 

You download the following application essential point, and, in application, please confirm application contents.

The SoftBank charity smile fourth "will take place in society in peace"; support furtherance offer essential point PDF


Downloading of application book ※Application acceptance was finished

The furtherance application book, please download both of "application book ①" "application book ②" than the following by all means.

The fourth charity smile "support furtherance to ask society suritsu in peace" application book ① (Word)
The fourth charity smile "support furtherance to ask society suritsu in peace" application book ② (Excel)



Reference about this matter

Social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Japan fund Division (charity smile charge)
〒100-0013 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3-3-2 new Kasumigaseki the fifth floor of the building
Telephone: 03-3581-3846 (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for from 9:30 to 17:30 on weekdays)
E-mail: kikin@c.akaihane.or.jp