About new director appointment of Central Community Chest of Japan

Yoriko Goto reports as new director of Central Community Chest of Japan as it was taken office.

Yoriko Goto which is the board chairperson of Deloitte Tohmatsu group and limited liability auditor toe pine participates in annual meeting "Davos Forum" of World Economic Forum as woman of the Deloitte delegation one and only from 2012 through 2015 and is concerned with society problem solutions various as administration committee member of red feather welfare fund of Central Community Chest of Japan and is played an active part widely.

In addition, we cross for eight years or more long time and have cooperation to "the Great East Japan Earthquake earthquake disaster orphan support project" that Central Community Chest of Japan performs as study support activity of damage orphan of the Great East Japan Earthquake from employee, the staff of Deloitte Tohmatsu group.

Cooperation introduction of Deloitte Tohmatsu group