[the furtherance decision] We decided the charity smile "aftercare business emergency support furtherance"

 As part of the SoftBank "charity smile" that main meeting carried out furtherance business, Softbank Corporation, metropolitan area young man support network and three persons of Central Community Chest of Japan collaborated and, about the emergency furtherance for new corona infectious disease expansion measures aftercare business, recruited from May 28, 2020 to June 18, and application was put from 39 groups, office (application a total of 3.885 million yen).

 After examination selection by three persons, we were affected by new coronavirus infectious disease expansion and decided the furtherance of a total of 3.685 million yen for 37 groups, office which worked on care and support in life and working side of children who became independent in society from social nursing homes.

 About the charity smile "aftercare business emergency support furtherance" decision point, please see the following.

▽The furtherance decision point is this place

The charity smile "new corona infectious disease expansion measures aftercare business emergency furtherance" decision list PDF



About SoftBank charity smile program summary

This furtherance business learns the way of difficult solution before exit of social nursing home for various difficulties that "Softbank Corporation" faces when social, children living a life under the social nursing based on donation of contribution to society service "charity smile" for cell-phone contractors carrying out from February, 2016 become independent practically and performs support for approach to snuggle up to children after having left, and to support.

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The SoftBank "charity smile" details are this